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For Brokers: 9 Benefits of Extensis’ HRO Solution


Adding new clients to your existing book of business and achieving high retention levels means maintaining detailed knowledge about the appropriate solutions to solve clients’ pain points. For larger businesses in white-, grey- and blue-collar industries, traditional Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services may not be the right fit, thus causing you to lose the business.

However, we have recently launched a new set of services to support these clients and grow your book from a different angle: Extensis HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing).

Extensis HRO is a highly-configurable solution, providing the best of both worlds: access to the same level of service and support as PEO, while enabling businesses to remain the employer of record.

Here are nine important benefits – for businesses and brokers – of using our industry-leading HRO solutions.


Prospects may mention doubts about human resources outsourcing without truly understanding the full scope of services and value of Extensis HRO. These detailed benefits will help you mitigate their concerns and further the conversation.

1. We partner with in-house HR teams, not replace them.

Companies with skinny HR departments are the best fit for Extensis HRO. Offloading time-consuming daily tasks such as payroll, recruiting, compliance, employee leave of absence, training & development, and onboarding frees up internal teams to focus on strategic HR. Unlike tech-only solutions, we provide support and guidance from employment experts to enhance the capabilities of in-house staff, enabling them to direct their attention toward big-picture HR decision-making.

2. Business owners retain control over day-to-day operations.

Some prospects fear outsourcing HR will lessen their autonomy. In both our HRO and PEO solutions, the employer maintains authority over hiring and firing. Though we provide procedural guidance from employment and compliance experts, employers are always in control of staffing decisions.

3. Employers can tailor a customized benefits strategy.

Large businesses with significant insurance bargaining power may aim to “unbundle” insurance from a PEO engagement. Extensis HRO is already structured to allow employers to contract the full scope of our comprehensive HR services and support without being required to come under the umbrella of our group plan.

4. Process automation consolidates key data points.

Because businesses remain the employer of record in HRO engagements, sensitive employee data must remain under their control. Our technology is built on an open architecture platform, so we are able to integrate our platform into the client’s existing systems (ex. time-tracking, applicant-tracking, POS, etc.) Businesses can continue using their preferred platforms in addition to gaining the advantage of our industry-leading technologies.

5. Our attentive service stands out.

Every outsourced HR solution provider claims to deliver superior customer service, but Extensis is one of the few who actually deliver. As a broker-only firm, our success depends on referrals from brokers, not direct-selling to businesses. Because of this high level of accountability, we invest heavily in employee recruitment and training, delivering white-glove service and achieving industry-leading Net Promoter Scores, positive client reviews, and a robust number of client references.

6. Extensis HRO is customizable.

Many other HR providers simply re-package the same structure (and pricing) for all prospects. We understand larger prospects with more employees often involve more stakeholders in the final decision to change their outsourced HR solution. By accompanying you to the initial client meeting, we take a deep dive into the client’s specific business needs and propose a customized solution to match their organizational structure, budget, and precise workforce needs.

7. We supply exceptional added value.

Many prospects are merely “satisfied” with their HR partner without realizing the possibility of obtaining a much higher level of value for their investment. Each of the benefits listed above is important individually, but when evaluated cumulatively, the amount of support and expertise delivered by Extensis HRO dramatically heightens their ROI on HR spend.


In addition to the end-client advantages listed above, Extensis HRO features more benefits specifically for brokers.

8. A new revenue stream.

Because healthcare is not part of Extensis HRO, you have the ability to win business even if the client remains with their existing healthcare broker. Brokers receive commissions on new HRO engagements, enabling you to grow your book of business with clients who are uninterested in a PEO solution or currently engaged in an existing broker relationship.   

9. Extensis HRO helps you differentiate.

The customizable configurations available from Extensis HRO help you stand out from other brokers who bring the same “big box” HR and payroll processors to the table. Because you have access to our own high-level decision-makers, you can quickly address questions and return to prospects with a customized package appropriate for their unique business needs. Extensis HRO will help you outpace competitors and differentiate yourself from the competition by bringing to the table an innovative, configurable solution.


Gaining an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace requires connecting prospects to the solutions most appropriate for their needs. Extensis HRO is another tool in your toolbox to help businesses succeed and strengthen your reputation as a trusted business advisor.

Contact a broker sales manager or call us directly at (888) 473-6398 to discuss how Extensis HRO can help your business.

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