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Which Factors Attract Job Seekers to a New Employer?


Given the current difficulties many employers – both large and small – face with recruiting and retention, knowing what job seekers want and are looking for is more important than ever.

Altering recruiting strategies to meet the demands of the modern workforce is a must if employers want to attract top talent. But what exactly are job seekers looking for in a new employer?

A recent survey conducted by Ceridian explored this very question and more.


According to Ceridian’s new report, The Optimal Recruiting Experience, employees in North America most value salarywork-life balance, and job location when looking for new opportunities and considering an offer.

The survey was taken by a mix of 1,678 U.S. and Canadian full-time and part-time employees who had received a job offer in the last year.

Listed as the most common reason for exploring new opportunities is salary (40%), and this feeling is shared by both younger and older workers.

Next, respondents were asked to select the factors that are most important when considering whether to accept a job offer. Here are the top 4 results:

  • Job location – 68%
  • Work-life balance – 66%
  • Salary – 66%
  • Growth opportunities – 57%

While salary and work-life balance may not be too surprising to see, the importance job seekers today place on job location and growth opportunities may be eye-opening to employers, especially smaller ones.

While small employers will face greater difficulties with location, exploring how to offer learning and development programs could be a great way to appeal to job seekers.


The next area of the report is something that small employers in particular should pay attention to – the importance of brand value.

According to the survey, word of mouth about an employer outweighs online resources by a wide-margin when considering job offers.

And while 38% of respondents said they turn to friends, family, and colleagues to research potential jobs, 68% consider these same sources very important when thinking about accepting or declining an offer.

The report also explored how job seekers use the internet to learn more about potential employers. Respondents identified the following as the most common information they seek to find online about a job offer:

  • Salary – 69%
  • Job location – 45%
  • Benefits information – 36%

Additionally, Millennial workers want to find details about growth opportunities and L&D efforts (36%).

These results match the top reasons why job seekers seek new opportunities or accept an offer.


As recruiting has become more challenging and the candidate experience has grown in importance, many industry professionals have looked at the length of the recruiting process as a key roadblock to recruiting success.

But it appears that most employers have fixed this issue as candidates said the time required for today’s recruiting process is “just about right.”

Additionally, the survey revealed that 55% of job seekers expect a 2-week recruiting process. That matches what most employers offer, with 52% who were interviewed saying it takes 2 weeks or less to hire a new employee.

Small employers need to keep the length of their recruiting process in mind when trying to attract and ultimately hire job seekers, or they risk negatively impacting the candidate experience and losing out on top talent.


One reason why recruiting is more challenging today than ever before is due to the shifting and growing expectations job seekers have when looking for new opportunities.

This has caused employers to enhance their recruiting strategies, compensation structures, office perks, and more to meet the demands of top talent.

And while it may seem impossible for smaller employers to do this, exploring strategic HR and recruiting partnerships can make hiring success a reality in a challenging market!

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