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Financial Services Industry Snapshot

The financial world is demanding. Markets move at increasing speed, regulatory change is commonplace, and competition is always present—including competition for top talent. It’s no secret that benefits, particularly robust and affordable healthcare plans, help attract and retain employees.

Whether you’re a busy hedge or private equity fund, you owe it your business and your people to design an attractive, competitive healthcare benefits program.

The healthcare world is constantly changing — plan designs evolve, and technological developments offer greater access to information and simpler ways to make benefit choices. It can be hard to keep up with what today’s employees want and what your competition is offering.

As your trusted HR services partner, we’ve compiled this industry snapshot to share the latest insights on healthcare benefits.

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  • what’s being offered by other financial services companies
  • what’s trending in the Northeast and across all industries
  • how to competitively design your benefits program

When your business world is complex, your HR should be simple.

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