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Considering HR Outsourcing? The Time is Now

Client considering outsourcing human resources

Businesses have been battered hard over the last year. Disruptions to production and supply chains, new remote-working models, federal safety mandates, and paycheck protection program (PPP) requirements are just some of the issues creating unprecedented challenges for organizations of every size in all industries.

As the landscape continues to shift rapidly, how prepared is your company to tackle today’s complex human resource challenges? Do you know why now is a good time to partner with an experienced outsourced HR provider?

The ongoing effects of COVID-19

Pandemic-related issues will persist for the foreseeable future, so businesses must take proactive action to limit disruption and respond quickly to unforeseen changes. In addition to obvious operational demands such as return-to-work policy development, digital onboarding, and maintaining employee morale while working from home, you’ll likely need to develop (or re-write) policies for this new employment frontier, such as recruiting remotely, helping employees manage work/life balance, and outlining benefit offerings to attract today’s top-level talent.

Outsourced HR providers specialize in anticipating these scenarios and developing comprehensive strategies to minimize disruption to your organization. Though the ramifications of the pandemic will continue to remain a fact of life, outsourcing HR to an experienced partner will help you get ahead of the game.  

More time to focus on your business

The amount of attention you must spend on HR is time you are not dedicating to growing your business. This can be an especially difficult trade-off, as many businesses are still struggling to recover lost revenue from 2020. If you are grappling with regaining your company’s financial footing, now is the time to offload the responsibilities of HR management to professionals.

Experienced third-party HR experts understand all the nuances of state and federal regulations within each industry. They are experienced in handling complicated issues like terminations, compliance audits, and harassment claims. They also absorb the time-consuming tasks of day-to-day HR management.

If members of your in-house HR department wear many hats and are finding themselves stretched thin, now is the time to outsource. Doing so enables your team to shift focus toward growing and strengthening your business.  

Increasing diversity

Many organizations strive to promote greater diversity in their workplaces but are not sure where to begin. Outsourced HR providers are experts in developing policies, implementing training, and shifting company culture to make lasting change.

Creating a more diverse staff requires taking proactive action. Your HR outsourcing partner will help you develop clear strategies to expand where you look for new talent, encourage your staff to embrace new perspectives, improve equity in internal promotions, ensure pay equality, celebrate cultural differences, and more.

Working in a virtual world

Managing fully or partially remote workforces is an entirely new challenge for many organizations. Missteps can do more than drain time or waste resources. One wrong move can significantly damage your organization.

Incorrect employee classification can have devastating financial implications. Recruiting can become stalled amid a lack of face-to-face interactions. Terminations – always a challenge for employers – become even more difficult when employees are in possession of company equipment while working from home.

Professional human resource providers have clear strategies to help you navigate these challenges more smoothly. From virtual recruiting best practices to correctly classifying employees in your industry to providing proven expertise on sensitive issues, an outsourced HR partner saves you from the costly missteps of trying to develop effective policies from the ground up.

Many outsourced HR service models

As more HR outsourcing companies have entered the market, we are now seeing multiple service models.

Some providers have developed technology-based, self-service models. Others, like Extensis, recognize the value of providing attentive white-glove client service.

Our clients benefit from dedicated HR managers offering ongoing assistance to help businesses manage their HR more strategically. This type of personalized service is extremely useful in today’s climate where HR regulations change frequently.

It’s not just about payroll anymore

If you think “outsourced human resources” means “someone to handle the data entry for weekly payroll runs,” you’re limiting yourself to a small fraction of what HR outsourcing is all about.

Today’s HR outsourcing services cover end-to-end human resource management: payroll, benefits administration, recruiting, employee benefits packages, risk mitigation, and federal/state/industry compliance. The scope and depth of these services – from experienced professional HR managers – delivers massive value for organizations taking full advantage of these offerings.

Most also use sophisticated HR technology tools like employee portals, manager portals, online training modules, and more to empower staff to manage many aspects of human resources themselves. These tools also provide valuable insights and metrics for companies who want to measure the success of their HR initiatives.

The combination of deep expertise and powerful technological tools unlocks entirely new possibilities for companies to manage HR more proactively with higher ROI.

Now is the time to take action

When it comes to human resource management, you don’t know what you don’t know – and lack of knowledge may end up costing you dearly.

The volume of expertise available from outsourced HR providers makes it easier than ever for businesses to not only keep HR management under control but to spring ahead, even in challenging times. If you’re considering HR outsourcing on any level, the time is now.

Ready to rethink how your organization manages HR? Our human resources experts are here to help.   

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