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Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

Our 20-year experience in supporting investors’ portfolio companies enables us to provide Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms turn-key solutions with portfolio volume-based pricing. We understand investors’ expectations in delivering a fully integrated HR, payroll, benefits, risk management and compliance product with the highest level of customer service.


Extensis Solutions for Your Portfolio Companies

HR, Payroll, and Benefit tools for in-office and work-from-home workforce.

Extensis Benefits Navigator

A fully integrated online navigator for portfolio companies and their employees in selecting healthcare benefits plans.

Extensis Mobile App

Anytime, anywhere, mobile app for employee payroll stubs, benefits, paid time off and W-2s.

Trusted Guide to Portfolio Companies and their Employees

Dedicated HR, payroll and benefits team members can quickly and accurately support your portfolio companies and their employees.

Customer & Solution Oriented – Solving Portfolio Company’s Needs.

Extensis excels at simplifying the ever-increasing complexities of HR compliance, payroll processing, and benefits administration. We do this with a customer-first approach, ensuring your portfolio companies can focus on profitably growing their business. 

You can trust Extensis to be on your team. Call us today to see how we can support you and your portfolio companies.

Extensis Products and Services for Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

HR, Payroll & Benefits

Let Extensis manage your portfolio companies’ employee HR, payroll, and benefits - including onboarding, supporting HR compliance, employee training, employee handbooks, and payroll processing. Extensis will manage the onboarding and employee election of benefits with our fully integrated online navigator for Healthcare, HSA, FSA, Life, Disability, Dental & Vision Benefits, 401k and other savings plans as well as a wide range of voluntary plans.

Investor Portfolio Reporting & Global Portfolio HR Policy Setting

Extensis provides portfolio summary reports delivering visibility into portfolio companies’ HR compliance, costs, risk management, and benefit elections. Additionally, Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms can set global policies in the areas of their choosing, such as employee paid time off.

Accreditation, Certification, Independent Audit, SOC & Compliance

Extensis provides investors and their portfolio companies the highest level of assurances so investors can fully rely on Extensis as their trusted HR solutions providing a foundation of compliance for future investor financing or capital market activity. Accreditation – ESAC, Certification – IRS CPEO, Independent Audit by a national CPA firm, SOC audit assurance, internal payroll, HR and Benefit Compliance teams within Extensis.

We Promise Solutions Personalized to Your Needs


A fully integrated cloud-based HR, payroll, and benefits administration system available to customers 24/7.

Customer Reports

Customers have business and industry specific reporting needs that Extensis can accommodate.

Hassle-Free Implementation
ExtensisHR can offer hassle-free implementation of portfolio companies and their employees onto our platform.

Extensis has a dedicated recruiting team to support hiring needs, including an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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