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Tailored HR to Streamline Success

ExtensisHR works with your company to create unique HR solutions and deliver the same level of skilled guidance that you offer clients each day.

Human-First Customer Service

Ditch call center confusion with our customer support team, where your inquiries receive expert, lightning-fast responses in just 11 seconds.

Risk Prevention and Compliant Practices

Our risk management services provide comprehensive protection, ensuring your firm and clients are shielded from financial risks and regulatory non-compliance.

See how ExtensisHR stacks up to big-box HR providers

Make ExtensisHR your human resource advisor

Your strength lies in your people’s knowledge and expertise. Our PEO services enhance their excellence by simplifying payroll, providing top-tier benefits, reducing risks, and creating comprehensive HR solutions that empower strategic growth and client satisfaction.

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Let ExtensisHR revitalize your HR strategy, supporting your team’s focus on achieving client satisfaction and operational excellence.

Custom HR for Business and Consulting Firms

Retain top talent with better benefits

Unlock enterprise-level health and wellness packages to attract the brightest minds in the industry, enhance job satisfaction, and foster a culture of high performance and growth.

Enhance recruitment

Tap into our complimentary recruiting, featuring cutting-edge technologies, expert insights, and a vast network of professionals who meet your job criteria and preferences.

Free up workflows with HR assistance

Put more free time back into your schedules with our tailored services, from advanced payroll processing and benefits administration to comprehensive HR support.

Choose a certified PEO partner to unlock HR success

Given to PEOs who follow leading regulatory guidelines and financial best practices

Upholds secure procedures across business operations, ethics, and financial activities

Demonstrates effective workplace safety and risk management processes

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