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Outsourced HR Solutions for Media Publishing Firms

Gain an edge over your competition with a new way to manage HR.

The media industry is complex. Your HR doesn’t need to be.

It’s critical to have top talent on your team and keep them with your organization long term. However, blending full-time and gig workers impact your employee requirements, making HR compliance and support critical. Extensis will manage your HR, payroll, benefits and compliance needs - giving you back the time you need to focus on staying ahead of your competition.

Areas of Expertise

We partner with, and support, a
wide range of Media companies:

  • Ad Technologies
  • Analytics
  • Content Creation Providers
  • Digital Game Development
  • Digital Learning
  • Digital Music
  • Digital News Sites
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Digital & Traditional Publishers
  • Digital Video
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Marketing Technologies
  • Media Representatives
  • Social Media

10 HR Symptoms Cured By HR Outsourcing

HR is far more complicated and complex today than ever. And SMBs are likely to suffer rising healthcare costs, HR & employment law compliance trouble, and lackluster employee benefits. Can these be cured with HR Outsourcing?

Regain time to focus on building your business

Simplify HR management

We provide a responsive team who can manage not only payroll, benefits and tax reporting, but recruiting, hiring and onboarding of new talent at the speed your business demands.

Manage your diverse workforce

Get back to growing your business, while we handle regulatory compliance and HR administration for your diverse field and office-based workforce.

Increase your staff efficiency

With direct access to a dedicated HR Manager and Payroll Manager, you can alleviate your team of time-consuming and often distracting administrative burdens.

Solutions designed to meet the needs of your business

Payroll Administration
Payroll & Tax Administration

Most media companies lack the admin support to manage all the aspects of payroll and tax administration. Our team will handle your needs efficiently, on-time and with risk and compliance in mind.

Top Talent
Talent Management & Recruiting

Our team of highly trained recruitment specialists help you develop a strategic talent acquisition plan and guide you through background checks, job postings, salary surveys and more.

Safety 2
Risk Management & Workplace Safety

We help you develop and implement a custom high-impact safety action plan, and ensure you remain compliant with federal, state, and local regulations.

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