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How our company safety program works

Our safety professionals will develop and implement a custom workplace safety program for your company. Proactively planning your company safety rules and procedures can help foster a safer work environment, protect your employees, and provide you with peace of mind.

Here’s what you can expect as we develop your company safety program:

Planning and strategy

First, we will examine your claims history to identify accident trends and employees with repeat claims. This hazard assessment helps us address various safety hazards that already exist so we can put an employee safety plan and strategy in place to avoid similar workplace hazards in the future.

Safety training

Once a strategy and plan has been made, it’s important for us to train employees in your company safety program. Our training program will help employees understand workplace safety tips, know how to reduce workplace risks, spot potential hazards moving forward, and lower chances of safety issues occurring.

Policies and protection

As your PEO, we ensure your business stays current with federal, state, and regulatory guidelines and compliance with workplace safety, employee notices, and claims reporting requirements. We have a number of safety policies and tools we offer, including:

  • Workplace safety assessments
  • Workplace safety and health policy design
  • OSHA safety and health standards training
  • Personalized claims management (Workers’ Compensation and EPLI)
  • Workers’ Compensation claim root cause investigation
  • OSHA recordkeeping
  • Certificates of insurance
  • Sexual harassment compliance training
  • Cybersecurity training

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Other risk management services

An advantage to working with a PEO provider is having the freedom to grow as a company and improve your employees’ day-to-day experience. If an accident occurs, you will have the tools needed to help your employees and protect your company.

Some additional risk management services we offer include:

Employer protection program (EPP)

We help reduce the risks of claims arising from acts such as: discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other employment-related issues.

State unemployment insurance and management

When former employees file unemployment insurance claims, responding to those can further impact already-stretched resources.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation management can be complex, time-consuming, and costly—especially with higher risk factors, multi-state operations, or frequent business travelers.

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How workplace safety has helped businesses like yours

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Why you can trust us with workplace safety

We care about protecting your employees and company, which is why we never take risks with your business or your employees.

In recognition of our principles, the Certification Institution has awarded us for meeting all industry professional risk management best practices, acknowledging our efforts in creating safe work environments, and effectively managing workers’ compensation losses.

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