Get paid up to $18,750 for your referral to ExtensisHR!   Start Referral Close

Get paid up to $18,750 for your referral

Rewards are based on your referral’s company’s number of worksite employees

for 10-20 employees
for 21-50 employees
for 51-100 employees
for 101-150 employees
for 151-200 employees
for 201+ employees
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How to Participate

1. Submit your referral

Fill out the form to submit your referral.

2. Wait

We’ll send email updates on the status of your referral.

3. Get rewarded

Get paid via ACH after your referral successfully processes their first payroll.

Start the Process


Yes, you can! We will happily reward anyone who wants to refer business to ExtensisHR. To learn more about how your referral reward is calculated, please view our rewards tiers here.

You’ll receive an email notification when you first submit your referral, as well as additional email updates throughout the process.

It’s quite simple, all you have to do is introduce ExtensisHR to a decision-maker at a prospect company.

Your reward will be issued when your referral joins ExtensisHR and has received their first payroll. Referral rewards payments are typically deposited within 60 days from the date of the referral’s first payroll cycle.​

Customers have the option of having their account credited or receiving a payment. Prospect or partners will receive their referral reward via ACH, our third-party accounts payable system. ​

No, only a company’s U.S.-based employees will count toward the referral bonus.​

Unfortunately, some referrals may decide not to move forward as a customer. Additionally, if the referred prospect was previously an ExtensisHR customer or has already been referred by another party, you will not be eligible for the referral reward.

Our referral rewards program model is based on the number of worksite employees (WSEs) your referral has at the time of the referral submission.

Nope—and we encourage it! We’re currently developing a more lucrative program for our repeat referrers that will be released in the coming months.

If it has been more than 60 days since we notified you that your referral reward is being processed, please email