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ExtensisHR Solutions for Your Customers

Tools for your association member companies’ in-office and work-from-home workforce.

Extensis Benefits Navigator

A fully integrated online navigator for association member companies and their employees in selecting healthcare benefits plans.

Extensis Mobile App

Anytime, anywhere, mobile app for employee payroll stubs, benefits, paid time off and W-2s.

Trusted Guide to Associations and Their Employees

Dedicated HR, payroll and benefits team members can quickly and accurately support your association members and their employees.

How PEOs Help Small Businesses – an Association’s Perspective

More and more small and mid-size employers are outsourcing HR/payroll/benefit activities to PEOs to improve business productivity and focus as well as the increased likelihood of business success. PEOs duties for small and mid-size employers:

  • A PEO is the employer of record and assumes responsibility for compliance before the EEOC, NLRB, Title VII, FLSA, COBRA/ERISA, IRCA, ADA, and several other regulatory and government agencies.
  • A PEO administers, pays, and reports Federal, State, FICA, and local payroll related taxes.
  • A PEO takes advantage of economies of scale with its larger employee base (known as worksite employees) to negotiate lower employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance rates.
  • A PEO takes on employee filings and compliance requirements.
  • A PEO provides resources and knowledge in ensuring association member companies stay on top of constantly evolving employment law and practices.

Extensis Products and Services for Associations

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HR, Payroll & Benefits

Let Extensis manage your portfolio companies’ employee HR, payroll, and benefits – including onboarding, supporting HR compliance, employee training, employee handbooks, and payroll processing. Extensis will manage the onboarding and employee election of benefits with our fully integrated online navigator for Healthcare, HSA, FSA, Life, Disability, Dental & Vision Benefits, 401k and other savings plans as well as a wide range of voluntary plans.

General Ledger Interface & Retirement Plans

Extensis provides Association member companies with interfaces to their general ledge accounting package. We work with the Associations or Association member teams to ensure payroll and benefit costs are electronically downloaded into the accounting systems of the Association member companies. Extensis also provides a 401k plan and other retirement plan options for Association member companies.

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Accreditation, Certification, Independent Audit, SOC & Compliance

Extensis provides Associations and their member companies the highest level of assurances so Associations can fully rely on Extensis as their trusted HR solutions provider. Accreditation – ESAC, Certification – IRS CPEO, Independent Audit by a national CPA firm, SOC audit assurance, internal payroll, HR and benefits Compliance teams within Extensis.

We Promise Solutions Tailored to Your Needs


A fully integrated cloud-based HR, payroll, and benefits administration system available to customers 24/7.

Customer Reports

Customers have business and industry specific reporting needs that Extensis can accommodate.

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Employee Training & Development

Extensis provides a full learning platform to meet Association member companies’ training needs – including compliance topics, OSHA and safety courses.


Extensis has a dedicated recruiting team to support customers’ hiring needs, including an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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