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HR Solutions for
PEO Brokers

ExtensisHR has been working with PEO brokers for over 25 years. We understand the value brokers provide to their customers by matching PEOs to their needs. We help our broker partners succeed by delivering outstanding customer service, not competing with them, making it easy to do business with us, and offering a competitive commission.


ExtensisHR Solutions for Your Customers

HR, payroll, and benefit tools for your customers’ in-office and work-from-home workforce.

ExtensisHR Benefits Navigator

A fully integrated online navigator for customers and their employees in selecting healthcare benefits plans.

ExtensisHR Mobile App

Anytime, anywhere, mobile app for employee payroll stubs, benefits, paid time off, and W-2s.

Trusted Guide to Clients and Their Employees

Dedicated HR, payroll, and benefits team members can quickly and accurately support your clients and their employees.

Customer and Solution Oriented – Solving Your Client’s Needs.

ExtensisHR excels at simplifying the ever-increasing complexities of HR, payroll, and benefits administration for your customers. We do this with a customer-first approach, ensuring your clients can focus on profitably growing their business. You can trust ExtensisHR to be on your team. Call us today to see how we can support you and your customers.

ExtensisHR Solutions for PEO Brokers

HR & Payroll Services

Let ExtensisHR manage your customers’ employee HR, payroll, onboarding administration, HR compliance support, employee training, employee handbooks, and payroll processing.

Benefits Administration

ExtensisHR will handle the onboarding and employee election of benefits with our fully integrated online navigator for healthcare, HSA, FSA, life, disability, dental and vision, 401(k) and other savings plans, as well as a wide range of voluntary plans.

Accreditation, Certification, Independent Audit, SOC & Compliance

ExtensisHR provides brokers and their customers the highest level of assurance so they can fully rely on us as their trusted HR solutions provider. We are proudly ESAC accredited, IRS CPEO Certified, SOC 1 Type II Certified, and independently audited by a national CPA firm.

We promise solutions tailored to your client’s needs


A fully integrated cloud-based HR, payroll, and benefits administration system available to customers 24/7.

Customer Reports

Customers have business and industry specific reporting needs that ExtensisHR can accommodate.

Customer System Interfaces

Customers have specific payroll system interface needs
that ExtensisHR can link to HRCloud.


ExtensisHR has a dedicated recruiting team and an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to support customers' hiring needs.

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