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How to Determine if HR Outsourcing Is Right for Your Clients

As an insurance, benefits, or PEO broker, your perspective carries significant weight for your clients. Solving their business challenges not only alleviates some of the pressures on their organizations, it also reflects your commitment to protecting their best interests.

One way to demonstrate your focus on their success is to show your clients how outsourcing human resources brings greater value to their organization than they may currently realize. 

Whether your clients would be a good fit for our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution or our Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) solution, use these insightful questions and talking points to address your clients’ frustrations and communicate the advantages of working with an HR outsourcing partner like Extensis.


“Are you facing healthcare renewal challenges like pricing, age banding, and product availability?”
How Extensis helps: Joining a large group medical plan through Extensis’ PEO solution eliminates age banding and increases network availability – all at an affordable cost.

“Are you concerned about ACA compliance and administration?”
How Extensis helps: An outsourced HR provider like Extensis protects your business by assuming responsibility for all benefit compliance and administration, including Form 1094-C and 1095-C distribution and enrollment periods.

“Are you losing top talent to competitors offering more desirable benefits packages?”
How Extensis helps: The economies of scale you achieve with an HR outsourcing partner enable you to offer richer, more affordable benefits that resonate with today’s job seekers.

“Are you feeling stressed by the amount of work required from benefit administration?”
How Extensis helps: Working with an HR outsourcing solution provider like Extensis gives you access to user-friendly benefit administration technology and provides a single, helpful resource to direct employees with questions.


“Is managing your distributed workforce a challenge?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis’ compliance experts and sophisticated HRIS technology protect against mistakes managing PTO, absentee programs, daily scheduling, hiring, benefit administration, and more.

“Do your HR handbook and policies address the realities of a distributed workforce?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis’ compliance expertise and HRIS software make you more proactive in establishing compliant policies that conform to the demands of a changing workplace.

“Is your in-house HR team struggling to maintain state/federal compliance?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis’ team of compliance experts help you understand regulatory provisions in plain language, explain how these laws affect your organization, and manage tasks on your behalf.


“Has your company recently grown to 50+ worksite employees and/or employ staff throughout the country?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis helps you address the complexities of labor laws that apply at 50+ WSEs. Extensis’ HR and compliance experts specialize in streamlining HR for growing and/or geographically disbursed organizations.

“Has your in-house HR team failed to scale with the company and is now stretched too thin?”
How Extensis helps: Partnering with an outsourced HR provider like Extensis frees up your in-house HR personnel to focus on big-picture strategic initiatives, not time-consuming daily HR tasks.

“Are you experiencing excessive employee turnover?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis’ experienced teams determine the root cause of high employee turnover, then develop a straightforward roadmap to close the gap between company performance and employee satisfaction.

“Do you need a strategic hiring and performance management plan?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis helps you take a targeted approach to hiring by proving valuable industry intelligence, compensation benchmarking, job posting templates, applicant tracking tools, and more.


“Could you benefit from HRIS technology with a self-service employee portal for payroll, personal information, benefit administration, and PTO?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis’ secure, 100%-cloud-based HRIS solution includes tools for time & labor, benefit administration, performance management, and more. APIs enable integration with existing systems.

“Do you want greater visibility into your company data for analytics purposes?”
How Extensis helps: Extensis provides detailed reports and expert analysis to help you identify big-picture trends, challenges, and opportunities for your business.


“Are you underwhelmed or unhappy with the service from your current HR/payroll partner?”
How Extensis helps: Personalized service and access to decisionmakers have resulted in Extensis’ outstanding Net Promoter Score, a 95% client retention rate, and a 40% client referral rate. The people at Extensis are their biggest differentiator.

“Are you struggling to manage multiple vendors and disparate solutions?”
How Extensis helps: Partnering with a single provider relieves your HR administrator of keeping track of divergent systems and vendors. Extensis’ configurable outsourced HR and payroll solutions streamline and centralize human resources management and benefit administration.

Connect Your Clients to a Proven HR Outsourcing Partner
Human resources outsourcing alleviates your clients from the stress of managing HR, reinforces your role as their trusted business advisor, and unlocks a fresh revenue stream for you. Use the questions above to surface the clients who are in the greatest need of an HR outsourcing solution and then coordinate with our experts to generate a customized plan to solve their specific human resources challenges.

Do you have a client who would be a good fit for Extensis? Request a quote today and let us help you lock in more business.

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