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Time & Attendance System

Innovative reporting tools to give you more control over your greatest expenses, and more value for your greatest assets.


Manage Time, Costs, and Risk

Your employees can be your biggest expense or your most valuable asset. Maximize their time with an empowering solution.


Better Cost Management

Monitor, understand and control your labor costs.


Smarter Time Investment

What used to take hours, now takes just minutes.


Reduced Compliance Risk

Streamline your FLSA, ACA, and other compliance challenges.

Key Benefits


Empower Managers

Give managers valuable insights on their employees’ time clock status, so they can see who is in, out, on a break, or on leave.


Flexible Time Entry

Enable employees to take charge of their timekeeping with a flexible, user-friendly interface.


Powerful Pay-rules Engine

Manage time and labor costs based on job codes and user-defined rules, ensuring everyone receives the correct pay, at the right time.

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