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Why is learning and development important?

L&D training solutions have taken on a higher level of importance for employers. Future-proofing your business requires strengthening your organization from the inside out.

Failure to commit to ongoing learning and development could diminish employee engagement, employee performance, and employee retention – all dangers small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) cannot afford.

An L&D strategy can help your business:

  • Avoid unnecessary new hire costs
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Ingrain values into the company culture
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Improve capabilities and aptitude

According to Mineral, “Multiple studies have shown learning and development (1) contributes to positive outcomes of employee engagement, (2) aligns employee behavior with organizational goals, and (3) sets an organization up for future success.”

How to create a learning and development strategy

An L&D strategy requires more than simply offering training materials or retraining employees on company equipment and processes. It is an ongoing commitment to advancing the skills and aptitudes of staff and leadership against a clear set of objectives with measurable outcomes.

Consider your business needs from the program

Before you develop an employee learning program for your company, consider your greatest business needs and ask yourself: What are our company objectives? How can our small business employee training platform create opportunities for professional development and functionality that aligns with these objectives?

Assess current skills and aptitudes

As you work to develop an employee training program, you should first obtain a baseline reading of where your teams excel and where they fall short. This will ensure the program doesn’t waste resources and you can develop the necessary corporate training courses for your teams.

Consolidate information about employees for the training platform

From your skills assessment, you can consolidate information from multiple sources, including performance measurements, employee feedback, independent testing, and more. Your company’s HRIS software is a great place to start.

Most human resources (HR) software platforms include key features to measure and track employee performance – from recruiting and employee onboarding through the new employee’s entire life cycle with the company. Aggregating a full set of impartial information guides decision-making based on realities. Fact-based insights improve return-on-investment (ROI) and L&D investments.

What we can do to help as your PEO partner

For many time-strapped SMB leaders, designing, developing, and delivering an employee learning and development program to meet training needs is overwhelming; as a result, L&D strategy often remains at the bottom of your priorities.

Partnering with a PEO can simplify the process of developing a user-friendly, small business employee training program and help you bridge the gap between your company objectives and effective L&D learning experiences for your employees.

We offer industry-leading technology solutions to help you begin capturing meaningful data and putting it to use more effectively.

Learning management system (LMS) that offers:

  • On-demand access to a trusted knowledge base and learning platform
  • Compact, consolidated training courses with quick upsell value
  • Immersive employee learning experiences, including scenarios and videos
  • Integrated learning paths and schedules with the ability for employers to develop custom training modules

Employee performance management platform that offers:

  • Professional development, goal creation, and manager feedback
  • Reviews featuring position-based templates for quick creation of reviews and content
  • Position-based templates, including quick review creation, job competencies, employee objectives, core values, and a coaching library for supervisors

Dedicated HR and benefits experts available to guide you through:

  • Developing career pathing, personal development, mentorship, and train-the-trainer training content
  • Offering tuition reimbursement, certificate course cost coverage, and student loan repayment benefits
  • Writing effective job postings designed to fill your organization’s skill gaps
  • Real-time customer support here to help with your HR business needs
  • And more

How learning and development can help businesses like yours

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