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Bringing Awareness to Men’s Health Issues During “Movember”

Every year, November transforms into “Movember” to raise awareness about men's health issues.

Quick look: Movember has arrived! And though mustaches abound, they serve a higher purpose by bringing focus to the importance of men’s health, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. Providing benefits and resources which speak to these specific issues is critical, and ExtensisHR is here to assist brokers in giving clients what they need.

Every year, November transforms into “Movember” to raise awareness about men’s health issues. As part of the widespread initiative, men are encouraged to grow mustaches throughout the month to spark conversations about their unique health concerns, and to raise funds for related charities and research. 

Participants often seek sponsorship from friends, family, and colleagues to support their efforts, with funds raised going to organizations working on men’s health initiatives. During this time, businesses can take an active role as well by reviewing their benefit options to ensure specific needs are covered. Therefore, brokers should consider this an opportunity to expand their network and offerings to better serve clients headed into the new year.

Actions brokers can take today 

The attention-grabbing mustaches of Movember pave the way for bigger conversations and actions to take place in support of men’s health. For brokers, this begins and ends with benefits.

Business leaders are looking to brokers more than ever for advice and guidance regarding ways to protect company growth. Providing access to more comprehensive health plans, resources, and tools is one powerful way to keep clients and employees engaged. And while raising awareness is valuable on a universal level, there are ways to make a personal difference starting today.

Move for mental health

The official Movember movement encourages participants to run or walk 60 miles over the course of November. This is to signify the 60 men suicide takes every hour, worldwide. This is effective symbolically, but in a different move, brokers can expand their offerings to include mental health coverage in its plans. 

The conversation around mental health care has changed significantly in the last few years. What once was a stigmatized health challenge is now front and center as an in-demand employee benefit for both men and women. It’s no longer a nice-to-have extra; people expect companies to include this as part of their compensation packages. The days of offering one or two standard health plans to cover all participants are over. With a variety of ever-changing needs based on a person’s age, gender, and lifestyle, adjustments must be made accordingly.

Meanwhile, many brokers have also taken benefit planning a step further through customization to accommodate the special needs of their clients. While Movember is focused on men’s mental health issues, specifically, there is higher value for everyone when they receive benefits relevant to them. And when brokers make an effort to meet these diverse needs, clients and their employees are happier, healthier, and higher performing.

Diversify offerings 

Raising awareness about men’s health issues is essential since early detection of cancer is key. Typically, the risk of prostate and testicular cancers increase with age. However, it doesn’t mean it cannot affect the younger generation as well, which means early conversations with a doctor are important. 

Having accessible healthcare is crucial. According to, prostate cancer is the most common type in men over 45. Also, prostate cancer is more prevalent among Black men. Brokers can help their clients gain access to a diverse and representative network of healthcare providers to improve a patient’s healthcare experience and outcomes.

Eliminating barriers to care allows employees to seek the coverage they and their families truly need. Plus, they’ll feel more equipped to make medical decisions and utilize the benefits available to them. Many are exploring the versatility of a health savings account (HSA) linked to a high-deductible health plan (HDHP),which can provide employees with greater options in cost-conscious ways. 

Partner with a PEO 

Brokers can take action by collaborating with a team of HR experts. By connecting with a professional employer organization (PEO) partner, they can work collaboratively to give their clients the best possible benefits for their company. 

A PEO provides premium-level benefits at competitive prices within its HR solution. As a PEO partner, ExtensisHR offers a cancer-specific program as part of its overall benefits. Cancer Guardian is designed to prevent and manage cancer through a combination of DNA technology and personalized support from cancer care resources. Program services include:

  • Hereditary Risk Screening Test 
  • Cancer Information Line
  • Cancer Support Specialists
  • An Expert Pathology Review
  • On-Site Nurse Advocate

With a benefit program designed specifically to prevent, detect, and treat cancer, it gives people both the medical and emotional support they need. 

Make Movember matter

A PEO partner like ExtensisHR understands the value of a person-to-person approach when providing HR solutions. In addition to Cancer Guardian, benefits also include an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)through our partnership with The Standard, which provides 24/7 care for work-related and personal problems. This includes short-term counseling, referral services, and educational resources and outreach offered in a confidential way to make it convenient for employees to seek the help they need.

When it comes to benefit management, there are many interlocking pieces which must all come together in order to be effective and successful. Therefore, ExtensisHR offers HR guidance and administration, risk and compliance services, and talent management and recruiting as part of a comprehensive plan. Additionally, the Work Anywhere® technology platform allows for digital management of HR tasks via mobile and desktop.

Movember is well under way, but there is a whole month (and beyond) to bring attention to the health concerns men are facing today. Though growing a mustache is the symbolic first step, the way brokers guide their clients through a PEO partner can have a positive, long-term impact. 

And don’t forget—the best way to support Movember’s mission is by taking care of your own health. Schedule your screening today and get tested!

As a broker-friendly PEO, ExtensisHR is committed to building and maintaining strong client relationships and results.  Let us know how we can support you and your clients’ long-term HR goals. Contact our team today.

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