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For Brokers: 5 PEO Talking Points for Prospects

Growing your book of business requires overcoming the challenge of connecting to time-strapped business owners who may be satisfied with – though uninspired by – the status quo. Capturing attention means cutting through the noise with impactful questions and statements causing prospects to pause and evaluate whether or not their current PEO partner or HR solution is serving their business effectively.

As a professional employer organization (PEO) with decades of experience serving small and medium-size businesses, we have seen which subjects resonate and open the door to further conversation.

Here are five influential talking points for prospects to quickly convey the benefits of PEO partnership.


Talking point:“Did you start this business to build your dream – or to manage an HR department?”

Successful businesses tend to grow organically, which ultimately presents a double-edged sword to entrepreneurs. On one hand, increasing their workforce to meet customer demand is a positive sign, but business owners may find themselves or their internal human resources managers taking on increasingly time-consuming HR and benefits administration tasks.

Remind prospects how partnering with an “all-in-one” solution like a professional employer organization relieves their executive teams and senior HR staff from managing tedious day-to-day tasks like payroll, onboarding, and benefits administration. Offloading these duties to a PEO frees up leadership to focus on business strategy and future growth.


Talking point:“Your HR Manager at your PEO is like a quarterback for human resources. Communicate with a single point of contact for all your HR and compliance needs.”

Organizations often operate inefficiently due to incorporating additional solutions into their business processes in a reactive, ad hoc manner. As a result, their current HR administration processes have become a complicated bureaucracy involving multiple redundancies and disparate systems. These frustrations may be evident to owners or executive leadership who do not realize it is possible to consolidate divergent systems and funnel all requests through a single point of contact.

The dedicated HR Manager at a PEO will complement in-house teams in whatever manner the business’ leadership prefers. PEO HR Managers have the experience to take on an advisory role for businesses interested in receiving more guidance, or they can simply execute requests from existing in-house staff.


Talking point: “Are you willing to consider different benefits packages designed to provide a more sustainable, long-term strategy?”

Behind payroll, benefits are the second biggest line item for businesses. Most owners are willing to consider premium cost reductions, as long as they enable the business to continue to provide desirable benefits to staff.

Partnering with a professional employer organization increases a businesses’ bargaining power with insurance providers, due to the high volume of employees insured under the PEO’s group plan. PEOs can also present various scenarios to lower premiums through other methods without compromising the quality or scope of benefits.

The key is to emphasize how partnering with a PEO is not a “one-and-done” savings for the upcoming renewal period. PEO partnership delivers competitive renewals over the long-run – savings that will track with the organization well into the future.


Talking point: “Recent events have probably forced you into a reactive position. Partnering with a PEO enables you to manage change more deliberately.”

Right now, organizations are scrambling to react to new demands placed on their HR departments due to COVID-19. Prior to this, businesses were navigating major changes to employment law. Evolving social and political demands will always be a part of business. It’s up to each organization to determine how to get ahead of the curve.

Rather than tackling each new change as it arises, the HR and compliance experts at a PEO are proactive about monitoring new laws and employment trends impacting businesses. Tapping into their expertise reduces the burden of having to interpret what these changes mean for a business and how to implement new policies in practical terms.  

PEOs provide the valuable function of letting businesses know what they don’t know, then taking steps to mitigate risk. This guidance reduces the chances of a business’ operations suffering while internal teams scramble to keep up with a changing world and workforce.


Talking point: “Is your HR technology causing headaches?” Companies are often stuck using an aging or inefficient technology system because they want to capitalize on a decades-prior investment, or they fear the effort required to switch to a new system. However, today’s user-friendly HRIS platforms streamline every aspect of HR and benefits administration without a complicated switchover or exorbitant cost.

Extensis uses HRCloud, a sophisticated software solution featuring tools to manage an employee’s entire life cycle with the company, from recruiting to termination. Flexible systems like HRCloud offer the convenience of accessibility through the cloud on any web-enabled device, and companies can use as many or few system capabilities as desired.

Some organizations choose to use the platform for basics like payroll, time & attendance, and benefits registration only. Others use the full scope of capabilities, including the above features plus staff training and education, employee handbook management, recruiting tools, performance evaluation, and more. Because HRCloud is an all-in-one solution, everything related to the employee’s tenure with the company is contained in a single platform, eliminating time-consuming email exchanges and reducing exposure to data security breaches.


 Ultimately, there is no single phrase that will instantly demonstrate the full benefit of partnering with a PEO. Because each organization brings along unique internal challenges, each will find value in different aspects of PEO partnership. However, the above talking points provide an opportunity to show business owners you are aware of their most pressing business challenges and can connect them to a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

As a broker-only PEO, we’re here to help you succeed, not compete for your clients. Contact an Extensis Broker Sales Manager today to learn more about how we can help you grow your book of business.

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