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For Brokers: Upcoming Webinars to Help Grow Your Book

Webinar for brokers on laptop

The middle of Q1 is upon us, and it’s time for brokers to hit the ground running. As part of our “BrokerSeries On-Demand” library of content, our team will be sharing insights on how you can protect and grow your book by maximizing your partnership with an HR outsourcing provider.

These informative, broker-focused webinars will solidify your knowledge on the advantages of HR outsourcing, assist you in identifying and targeting high-value prospects, and further sharpen your sales strategies.

BrokerSeries On-Demand:  Power Up Your Prospecting is refreshed and ready for you to use as an important tool in your sales process. Newly tailored to focus on end-users, our website is an engaging, information-packed resource to educate and persuade prospects.

This 8-minute on-demand webinar explains how to use our website to quickly address and overcome client hesitations regarding HR outsourcing. Navigating the Extensis website more effectively makes it easier for you to share information, answer questions quickly, and push past the basics to engage in deeper conversations with prospects.

Supporting your communications with the Extensis website can result in smoother, faster sales cycles. This webinar walks you through the messaging and positioning within the Extensis website to provide you with a better understanding of the valuable content available to you when prospecting, including:

  • Where to obtain industry-tailored HR outsourcing information for your prospects
  • Information to help clients distinguish between Extensis’ PEO and HRO solutions
  • Links to show clients the extensive array of services available through HR outsourcing
  • Testimonials from existing customers to share with prospects
  • Quotable metrics reflecting how businesses benefit from working with a PEO

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BrokerSeries On-Demand: Using PEO & HRO to Gain the Competitive Advantage

Outsourced HR partnerships can create a key differentiator as you demonstrate your role as a trusted advisor to your existing clients and new prospects. As we put a challenging year behind us and look to the future, are you actively prospecting new business – or simply managing your book?

Tapping into Extensis’ Professional  Employer Organization (PEO) solution and Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) solution can give you a competitive advantage.

We’ll share information relevant to your clients and your prospective efforts, such as:

  • Employment challenges solved by using outsourced HR
  • What we learned from 2020 client trends
  • Proactive versus reactive selling styles and why they matter
  • Strategies for using HR outsourcing to differentiate yourself from other brokers
  • What to look for in an outsourced HR partner
  • How to maintain control over the sales process

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More Resources for Brokers

As a broker serving small- and medium-sized businesses as they navigate turbulent times, Extensis is here to help you succeed. Our broker-centric business model improves your ability to connect with high-value prospects and provide superior ongoing service to your existing clients.

Our library of broker-focused content continues to grow as we release pointed, practical resources. We encourage you to utilize these insights and ideas to further strengthen your selling strategies as you grow your book of business.

Do you want to know more about how partnering with Extensis can help elevate your success? Contact us today, so we can show you how.

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