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Family-Owned Financial Services Company Addresses HR Compliance Concerns by Working with ExtensisHR

The Challenge

One thing that small and large employers share is the need to maintain compliance with all employment legislation.

But for small employers, a lack of resources can mean HR compliance responsibilities fall on business owners, which results in additional work and time that could be spent on other activities.

This was the case for a family-owned and operated financial services company in New Jersey who found HR compliance becoming too difficult to manage as the business continued to grow.

The Solution

Wanting to find the best possible solution for their compliance needs that could also help with other areas of HR – including employee benefits, payroll, HR administration, and time and attendance – business leaders discovered a professional employer organization (PEO).

After learning more about what a PEO is and does, they determined ExtensisHR as the PEO that best fit the needs of the business.

The Results

Not only could ExtensisHR provide the HR compliance and risk management services business leaders were seeking, they also offered additional solutions that addressed the firm’s other challenges:

  • Offer very rich group benefits including concierge medicine and healthcare advocacy, allowing the company to recruit and retain top talent
  • Improve payroll services like updating compensation and bonus entries that helped reduce internal administrative burden
  • White glove, concierge service model paired with a complete HR solution and dedicated account support, giving business leaders and employees more time to focus on core job functions

After just one meeting, company leaders knew that ExtensisHR’s PEO solution was exactly what they were looking for. Despite this being their first time working with a PEO, they were confident in their decision to move to a co-employment model and became an ExtensisHR client.


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