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You & Mr Jones: Bringing an In-House HR Manager Up to Speed Fast

The Challenge

When Abeer Ansari joined You & Mr Jones as the HR and Operations Manager in December 2020, she needed to hit the ground running. Because she was new to the team, she didn’t have much time to familiarize herself with the company’s internal HR processes before starting to answer questions. Working remotely made learning an entirely new HRIS system from scratch seem like a daunting challenge.

The Backstory

With a seven-year history in the field, Ansari has used many other “big box” PEO, payroll, and HR solutions. When she joined You & Mr Jones, a New York City-headquartered brandtech group, she knew the company used ExtensisHR—but she wasn’t yet familiar with the features and benefits of our technology platform and personalized service model.

The Solution

HRCloud, part of ExtensisHR’s Work Anywhere® platform, enabled her to dive right into handling employee requests and familiarize herself with the company’s available HR documentation. “ExtensisHR’s portal is incredibly user- friendly and easy to navigate,” she explains. “I was able to jump in immediately and find my way around. All the information is organized clearly, so I can track things like PTO and payroll with a few clicks.”

Ansari was also impressed with her ability to quickly reach one of ExtensisHR’s account managers by phone—a point of major frustration when working with other payroll and HR solutions providers. “Whenever I do need help, ExtensisHR is great in assisting me,” she says.

“When I call, I either speak with someone immediately or I receive a call-back right away. I feel like my account manager really cares about the success of our business and the happiness of our employees.”

ExtensisHR PEO Services Provided

Working with ExtensisHR provided her with flexible human resource management software and immediate access to an experienced partner for HR planning. Our solution included:

  • Payroll
  • W-2 processing
  • Benefits administration
  • PTO management
  • Employee training
  • Handbook development
  • Return-to-office planning

The Results

Due to the quick support from ExtensisHR and our sophisticated HRIS software, Ansari can direct her time and attention toward connecting with employees. “A lag in response time has a negative effect on the employee experience and on my ability to help our staff,” she explains. “Because I have everything I need through ExtensisHR—or I can get answers quickly—I can respond to employees faster.”

ExtensisHR solutions do more than streamline processes for the company’s HR department, they help employees access information, too. Useful built-in self-serve functions—and an easy-to-use mobile app—increase employees’ feelings of control. According to Ansari, bigger PEO companies often fail to realize the impact of their platforms and service on the relationships between her and the staff.

“I’ve used other major HR solutions,” she concludes. “I’ve seen their limitations and experienced how difficult it is to reach someone when I have a question. In my opinion, ExtensisHR deserves a lot more attention—their technology and responsiveness are unlike anything I’ve experienced in this industry.”


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