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Manufacturing Firm Needing HR Assistance Turns to ExtensisHR PEO Services

The Challenge

Deciding whether to switch to a professional employer organization (PEO) is a big decision for small business owners. Sometimes there can be hesitation, especially if unfamiliar with PEOs and how they operate, even though the business results could be positive.

This was the case for a New York-based manufacturing business whose owner was looking for help with his company’s HR challenges. The owner had a colleague and friend who recommended PEO as a way to address his HR concerns, but he wasn’t entirely sold on the idea.

The Solution

The business owner reached out to his broker to assist with finding potential PEOs to work with. The broker presented the owner with two organizations, including ExtensisHR. Additionally, the owner had also reached out to ExtensisHR on his own.

Multiple meetings and calls were scheduled to go over ExtensisHR PEO services as well as address all concerns the owner had about PEOs. With the owner looking to retire soon, he was seeking a true partner who could manage and address all areas of his company’s HR.

The Results

The business owner came away impressed by the personalized services offered by ExtensisHR. Compared to the other PEO, ExtensisHR offered:

  • A better service package
  • Enhanced employee benefits offerings
  • A more competitive price

The owner was also extremely pleased with the ExtensisHR team – from the sales manager to his potential risk management, and payroll professionals.

These factors made him feel much less concerned about working with a PEO and was why he ultimately chose ExtensisHR as his HR partner.


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