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Time and Labor Cloud Overview

Time & Labor Cloud

Your employees can be both your biggest expense and your most valuable asset.

The key to managing the expense side of the equation is controlling your cost of labor. You need simplified data collection and innovative reporting tools to help you better manage your labor investment.

That’s where our Time & Labor Cloud comes in.

Gone are the days of relying on spreadsheets, disparate timesheets, or stand-alone timekeeping systems. Forget about managing different usernames, passwords, and logging into multiple systems.

Everything changes for the better when ExtensisHR fully integrates your employment data across payroll, HR, and benefits.

Time & Labor Cloud is a cloud-based time, attendance, and scheduling solution with advanced features. It can automate even the most demanding business requirements. The user interface is intuitive and fresh, and the highly configurable and scalable aspects of the solution make it a fit for any size company, with benefits including:

  • Better cost management: monitor, understand and control your labor costs
  • Smarter time investment: what used to take hours, now takes just minutes
  • Reduced compliance risk: streamline your FLSA, ACA, and other compliance challenges

Get better, faster results with an integrated solution that’s perfect for your business today and as you grow.

Book your free demo now or download our solution overview to learn more.


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