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Work with HR experts who combine HR strategy with your educational values

Access rich benefits for less

Attract and retain top educators by leveraging our competitive benefits’ group-rate pricing

Educate staff with HR trainings

Gain access to our technology platform with school-centric professional trainings through Vector Solutions

Dedicated to Your Educational Vision

Our Mission Statement

ExtensisHR serves as an unwavering support system for charter schools, providing comprehensive HR solutions for benefits administration, payroll, compliance, training, and other key workforce services.

With a mission to be the trusted HR partner every school deserves, we enable educators and staff to allocate more time, attention, and focus toward the success of their students.

Backed by ultra-personalized support, our ExtensisHR SchoolCloud™ Portal equips educators with innovative resources and tools designed for their industry needs.

Together, we can build a brighter future through education, one child at a time.

HUMAN Resources

Your school is always there for your students and your community – and you deserve a human resource partner that is always there for you.

At ExtensisHR, our customer service model is designed to treat your staff exactly how you would, whether an operations manager requires assistance with compliance or a teacher needs help choosing benefits.

We’re dedicated to becoming an extension of your organization and strive to make your employees feel heard, cared for, and well-informed—while focusing on solving their issues and providing timely follow-up.


School Account Manager

Primary contact between you and our service teams

Dedicated HR Manager

Handles day-to-day HR tasks

Payroll Manager

School-specific payroll expert

Employee Solution Center (ESC)

Full support team available via hotline, live chat, or email

Understanding ExtensisHR’s PEO Solution

Services for Charter Schools


Our benefits services connect your staff with Fortune 500-level health and wellness packages from the nation’s top medical, dental, vision, and life insurance providers. We also offer benefits that address family-forming goals and dependent needs such as telemedicine options, Carrot Fertility programs, maternity assistance, and mental health services.


Keeping track of regulatory changes doesn’t have to be a challenge. We research federal, state, and local laws related to charter school regulations, employment mandates, and education compliance. Using this knowledge, we strategize solutions and provide incident reporting and k-12 teacher specific training to protect schools from facing costly liabilities due to non-compliance.

Risk Management

ExtensisHR’s risk experts empower staff and school safety by comparing current workplace operations against industry standards and providing support on risk management needs such as workers’ compensation management.

HR Guidance and Consulting

Our specialists are here to make HR easier. We keep the “human” in human resources by offering personalized consultations with your dedicated Human Resources Manager to go over current solutions and future strategies. Additional help is also provided by our team of HR professionals within our Employee Solution Center (ESC).

Payroll and Tax Administration

Our payroll experts manage staff wages and taxation operations. From paying employees on time to distributing any federal forms needed for tax filing, we ensure your school’s payroll process is efficient and secure.

How It Works

The Process

  • In-Depth Consultation: Our team engages in thorough discussions to comprehend the specific needs and requirements of your charter school.
  • Needs Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify key challenges and opportunities.

  • Tailored Solutions: Based on the gathered insights, we craft a customized plan that aligns with the distinctive aspects of your charter school.
  • Strategic Design: Our experts work on developing a plan that addresses HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management needs while reflecting the values and goals of your educational institution.

  • Seamless Implementation: We execute the plan with precision, ensuring a smooth transition that minimizes disruptions to your daily operations.
  • Continuous Optimization: Our commitment extends beyond implementation, with ongoing evaluation and refinement to optimize processes for maximum efficiency.

  • Transparent Partnership: Maintain an open and transparent line of communication, keeping you informed about progress, updates, and any changes.
  • Proactive Support: Receive dedicated assistance with a committed support team, ensuring proactive resolution of HR-related challenges.
  • Continuous Education: Empower your staff through tailored HR trainings through Vector Solutions.

Tell Us About Your Needs

Get expert guidance on your charter school’s approach to HR, and see how ExtensisHR can help you resolve challenges, reach your goals, and, most importantly, take care of your people.

Tailored HR Tools for Educators

The SchoolCloud™ Portal is our one-stop platform offering educators the tools and resources they need to discover the HR trainings, assistance, and best practices impacting their industry.

  • School-centric teacher and professional trainings through Vector Solutions
  • Incident reporting training and assistance through Vector Solutions
  • User-friendly Time & Labor solution to streamline time, attendance, and scheduling duties
  • Easy-to-access information on our charter school-specific services and relevant vendors


Having a PEO, like ExtensisHR, leaves us free to pursue our business and allows our employees access to services and benefits they did not have access to before.

Roger Fluet
Shop Administrator, The Fluets Corporation

ExtensisHR provides great customer service, personal attention, and real-time interaction with our team.

Thomas Zerega
President & CEO, Magnetic Media Holdings, Inc.

What’s great about working with a PEO like ExtensisHR, is that they are broker-centric. We don’t have to worry about them calling our clients and selling direct.

Susan Combs
CEO, Combs & Company


Don’t see the answer to your question? Ask us directly.

A professional employer organization, or PEO, offers human resource outsourcing services to charter schools and their staff. PEOs offload human resource management responsibilities from charter schools including payroll administration, properly filing and processing taxes, and keeping schools compliant based on federal, state, and local regulations. PEOs also provide enterprise-level healthcare benefit packages, leave options, and other supplemental perks that elevate employee wellness and job satisfaction.

Opting into a PEO partnership allows charter schools to keep their HR functions running smoothly while getting more flexibility to focus on their mission of delivering innovative education to young students.

Professional employer organizations provide services to almost 180,000 businesses in the United States, which means approximately four million people trust their HR and compliance needs to experts like us. Leveraging a PEO can unlock rewarding results, including:

  • Up to 9% faster growth rates when PEOs handle your HR operations
  • A 10%-14% drop in employee turnover thanks to better benefit offerings
  • 50% less likely to close by having a PEO partner

Co-employment defines the contractual partnership that a charter school enters with a PEO. This agreement, also called a client service agreement (CSA), allows a PEO and its partner to share responsibility over HR needs. Individuals working for the school will become worksite employees (WSEs), or be co-employed by the PEO under the contract.

This gives the PEO legal standing to oversee and maintain any HR administrative tasks connected to the WSEs. Such tasks include issuing payments, remitting withholdings, confirming information for wage purposes, issuing W-2 forms, and collecting and reporting on employment taxes based on federal guidelines.

Not at all! Despite having a co-employment partnership, charter schools do NOT relinquish their ownership or control over their operations. Charter schools remain the head decision-makers of any marketing, sales, and educational initiatives.

PEOs act as a trusted adviser who focuses on streamlining current HR operations and resolving challenges. A PEO will only manage the HR operations agreed upon in the initial contract.

A PEO partnership, like any good partnership, should have a healthy balance of give and take. Though a PEO will handle your charter school’s daily HR initiatives, it will not:

  • Take over your day-to-day operations and student procedures
  • Replace your HR Manager, if one is already in place
  • Control hiring or firing decisions
  • Set faculty members’ pay rates or schedules
  • Interfere with your charter school’s culture or events (but we’ll happily attend if invited!)
  • Communicate with any students, parents of students, and other school vendors (unless asked to)

A certified professional employer organization (CPEO) is a PEO that has been specially certified by the IRS. Along with following baseline regulatory standards set for PEOs, CPEOs must meet additional criteria related to financial, taxation, and operational compliance. Partnering with a CPEO provides charter schools with extra financial security, tax benefits, and liability protection otherwise not covered by standard PEOs.

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