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Solving Charter School Challenges with SchoolCloud™’s Solutions

Quick look: Running a charter school can feel like trying to untangle a mess of knots. Every day, there’s a new challenge popping up that slows things down and takes focus away from what really matters: educating students. That’s where SchoolCloud™ steps in—your trusted tool that knows all the shortcuts and secret paths through the chaos.

Charter school management comes with a unique set of daily administrative challenges. From tracking teacher certifications and training to ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations, these tasks can quickly become overwhelming for educators and administrators alike.

However, there’s good news on the horizon. ExtensisHR’s SchoolCloud™ solution can streamline these processes, allowing schools to focus more on their core mission: educating students. Its multifaceted approach to tech and services is further complimented by our human-first customer support model, ensuring educators and administrators’ needs are treated with precision and care.

In this blog, we’ll explore the common administrative hurdles charter schools face and how our comprehensive solution can make all the difference.

1. Data disorganization

Just like students, charter school staff need clear and organized data to make smart decisions. But schools often struggle with properly storing information and preventing it from being duplicated across different platforms. This issue can really get in the way of effective data management and all the perks it brings.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: A stellar storage management strategy is necessary to ensure data pieces are saved and retrievable. Our HR technology includes an intuitive dashboard that displays a clean and organized data view. The dashboard offers additional accessibility with its detailed search filters, including real-time event tracking, employee payroll histories, employee statuses (ex. active, leave of absence, onboarding, benefits enrollment), and milestones (birthdays and work anniversaries) through a single interface.

2. Certification management

Educators play a crucial role in guiding students toward academic success, and because of this, the education industry sets high standards for teachers’ own education. Certifications are a great way to show an educator’s expertise, but keeping track of these credentials and ensuring they meet state and industry regulations can be tough.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: Our system reforms certification management by facilitating easy data entry, document attachments, and features for sorting and downloading. From checking expiration dates to renewal confirmations, charter schools can use this SchoolCloud™ aspect to maintain compliance and high teaching standards.

3. Letters and notice management

Effective internal communications are crucial for fostering an informed and collaborative school environment. Welcome letters excite teachers about their new role, while timely notifications keep policy changes top of mind. Sufficient communication also raises staff engagement, with 85% of workers feeling more motivated when leadership shares consistent updates. Still, it can be time-consuming to prepare and manage communication documents, especially ones needing to be signed.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: The platform enables digital creation and storage of document templates like annual employment letters. These templates simplify the preparation of recurring communications, offers individual or bulk sending, and marks which documents require signatures. The creation and distribution of personalized notices is made simpler thanks to dynamic substitutions pulling data directly from your HRIS.

4. Paper document reduction

Printed paper copies may be the one thing outnumbering students at a charter school. Though physical copies are common sightings, excessive reliance on printed documents leads to inefficiencies like outdated forms being exchanged and increased office costs from overused printing supplies. Repetitive copies also affect a school’s sustainability since mixed paper products account for an estimated 70% of office waste.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: Our digital document management tool reduces paper dependency by letting staff easily add, sort, search, and retrieve employee documents. Ditch crowded filing cabinets and unmarked folders for enhanced organization and recordkeeping capabilities.

5. Streamlining processes

School days run smoother with an outlined agenda and HR operations thrive under the same logic. Managing employee processes such as leaves of absence, new hire onboarding, and terminations can be complex. Creating best practices for these tasks is challenging due to their intricate nature compounded by multitasking and tight deadlines.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: Administrators can leverage our platform to create and trigger to-do templates for numerous HR activities. Onboarding tasks can include assigning tech like laptops, sharing passcodes, and setting up general new hire assistance. Deactivating system access and collecting equipment are essential steps for handling employee terminations. Templates also act as reminders to assign coverage and other support for projects when a staff member takes a leave of absence. This SchoolCloud™ advantage further streamlines processes with automation, ensuring vital tasks are done promptly and efficiently.

6. Professional development and training

There’s more to training than mandatory learning. A solid professional development program can reduce teacher burnout and job dissatisfaction. Growing staff’s skillsets also improves retention rates, with 76% of employees being more inclined to stay at their workplace if it offers continuous learning and development. That’s why schools should map out a structured process that accurately assigns and updates their workforce’s training opportunities.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: ExtensisHR, in partnership with Vector Solutions, provides over 200 training modules tailored for K-12 teachers and school administrators. Educators can explore a wide range of topics such as safety and security, behavioral solutions, classroom management, and more.

7. Incident reporting

Students, teachers, and faculty members deserve a safe academic environment. Incident reporting is a reliable first step for charter schools to foster that level of security. This crucial compliance responsibility allows schools to record and keep track of altercations while proving their dedication and awareness of best safety practices. Since incident report mandates vary by state, schools must execute a reporting procedure that balances earning desired results and adhering to obligations.

How SchoolCloud™ helps: Through our partnership with Vector Solutions, we grant schools access to smart forms that simplify tracking, reporting, and managing corrective actions for incidents involving teachers, visitors, and students. These forms are tailored to each school’s specific state requirements to ensure adherence and accuracy.

A+ technology starts with ExtensisHR

Charter school operations thrive thanks to SchoolCloud™ replacing everyday administrative stresses with straightforward solutions. Its custom features elevate different human resource responsibilities, freeing up the already packed schedules of teachers and administrators. Additionally, this technology prioritizes file organization and secure data storage, empowering schools to track and report their HR documentation progress with ease and transparency.

ExtensisHR also supports charter schools with:

  • A dedicated account team, including a School Account Manager, HR Manager, Implementation Manager, and Payroll Specialist—all with experience working in a school setting
  • Human-first customer service from our Employee Solutions Center (ESC)
  • Fortune 500 benefits, including healthcare and ancillary benefits, from leading wellness and insurance providers
  • In-depth compliance support and risk management to ensure your school stays secure and up to code across every regulation
  • Enhanced benefits and tools such as Pumpspotting, a community-driven platform that offers resources and connections for breastfeeding and pumping, available for all employees and their significant others, a time and labor software to streamline payroll and scheduling for your school staff, and healthcare advocacy through a partnership with Alight Solutions
  • Payroll administration to streamline employee payment and tax filing procedures

From offloading tedious administrative duties to implementations a superior HR strategy, ExtensisHR delivers professionalism and peace of mind to help your charter school excel.

Interested in amplifying your HR administration with SchoolCloud™? Contact our team today to learn more.

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