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Charting Success: ExtensisHR’s Role in Streamlining HR for Schools

ExtensisHR's PEO solution is customized to deliver unique HR services and strategies to charter schools.
Quick look: Fostering academic excellence is always a top priority for charter schools. However, when educators are bogged down by cumbersome HR administration and responsibilities, it can be challenging for them to devote the time and attention their students deserve. In this blog, discover how ExtensisHR’s PEO solution simplifies and streamlines HR for schools while empowering the staff’s mission to nurture young minds.
The efforts charter schools put into learning institutions are nearly immersible. Educators, administrators, and board members use their talents to build students’ confidence and potential to jumpstart a better tomorrow for our communities. Still, the demanding nature of vital yet tedious HR responsibilities can hinder the time and focus needed to achieve this goal.
Fortunately, the distinctive HR challenges charter schools face each day can be countered by the professional expertise of ExtensisHR. Here are several advantages charter schools receive when they utilize our customized PEO solution. Here are several advantages partners achieve when our customized PEO solution delivers better HR for schools.

Certified experts on your side

Certifications are the mark of a great instructor. Aside from proving their adherence to industry expectations, these verifications demonstrate a person’s career expertise and dedication. Educational institutes also favor teachers with this status since over two million employed teachers in the U.S. have a type of certification.

Just as your students rely on experienced instructors for insightful guidance, ExtensisHR upholds the same value to give our partners the best PEO experience possible. We provide a team of highly trained professionals who use their hands-on expertise to resolve HR challenges and cultivate better work environments for your charter school staff.

A loyal support system at every stage

Each student learns in their own way, and at their own speed. Factors like knowing the subject a bit before diving in, or being able to get some extra help when needed, really make a difference in how well they can pick up and keep hold of new info. Just like in the classroom, handling tricky HR for schools requires clear and solid support to smooth out any bumps presented along the way.

At ExtensisHR, we’re all about getting to the heart of what matters most to you. That’s why we make sure every charter school gets their own dedicated team of resources, which includes (but definitely isn’t limited to):

  • School Account Manager (SAM): Serves as your primary contact for all things ExtensisHR and ensures your needs are met by collaborating with your dedicated HR Manager, Payroll Manager, and other support representatives.
  • HR Manager: Oversees the activities behind your PEO solution to ensure your HR goals are met, and in-place strategies empower the staff that uplifts your students.
  • Payroll Manager: Handles your school’s specific payroll schedules and payroll-tax-exempt statuses while ensuring operations align with local, state, and federal regulations and requirements.
  • Implementation Manager: Acts as the designated onboarding navigator to make your transition to ExtensisHR a seamless experience.

Truly, your charter school achieves solution wins with a fully stacked team that promotes partnership transparency and invests in your HR priorities.  

Customer-first service from our support center

Asking questions in class is an encouraged tactic that strengthens students’ understanding of materials and problem-solving skills. As a PEO, ExtensisHR also believes our partners are empowered when given a reliable and informed space to voice their queries and concerns.

Besides getting your own dedicated account team, charter schools also get a helping hand from our Employee Solution Center (ESC). Whether you have a general PEO question or service inquiry, our ESC experts will help uncover the answers and clarity you deserve.

The ESC is also known for its lightning-fast response times, having an 11-second average whenever you first reach out with a request. Best of all, each interaction is powered by human-first conversations instead of bot messages and hold-happy call centers.

Competitive employee benefits made accessible

Educators who care deserve the best care. Whether falling victim to cold season or recovering after surgery, employee benefits allow teachers to access proper healthcare. These benefits can also protect your staff from emotional and mental strains like burnout, an obstacle 59% of U.S. teachers face. Additionally, substantial benefits packages strengthen company culture and staff productivity.

ExtensisHR offers your staff enterprise-level medical, dental, and vision benefits from top providers. We also give access to ancillary benefits and other wellness perks, such as telemedicine to accommodate teachers’ on-the-go lifestyles, family-forming benefits that make starting a family easier, and maternity leave planning to support staff members’ evolving needs.  Most importantly, what you save on benefits can be redistributed back into teachers’ salaries and the classrooms nurturing your students.

Compliance maintenance to safeguard your school

Fostering a secure and well-regulated environment positively impacts the success and state of mind of students and faculty. However, keeping track of compliance guidelines can be tricky when the industry’s regulatory landscape keeps evolving. 

Partnering with ExtensisHR means your charter school gets a masterclass in compliance. Our experts ensure your school adheres to federal associations’ requirements and standards, such as the U.S. Department of Education and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We further improve this area of HR for schools by offering guided assistance when a compliance or policy change occurs.

An innovative HR platform with a school-first focus

The use of digital learning tools has skyrocketed in the past decade. In today’s world of education, 85% of teachers report using digital learning tools to provide students with learning exercises. Even 67% of educational institutions are planning to deploy digital learning platforms. Since efficient learning technology is the key to achieving subject matter expertise, we at ExtensisHR want to elevate charter schools’ HR knowledge with an online platform of their own.

That’s why we created the SchoolCloud™ Portal, a user-friendly interface built to give charter schools the tools and resources they need to succeed. Powered by our secure Work Anywhere® tech platform, your charter school employees can leverage professional training modules and incident reporting assistance from top-tier vendors like Vector Solutions.

The platform also features access to an all-inclusive Time & Labor solution to streamline varied time, attendance, and scheduling duties. These capabilities simplify the process of tracking work hours, reviewing relevant HR metrics, and optimize time management with precision and accuracy. Since we know teachers and administrators are always on the go, our SchoolCloud™ Portal is also accessible through a convenient mobile app that makes managing paid time-off requests, benefits enrollment, and other HR functions a straightforward process that can be done from wherever you are and any time.

An intuitive method to streamline employee operations

Let’s face it: educators and office admins deserve a paperwork break. The professionals at ExtensisHR are happy to remove the burden on complex HR administrative work from your staff’s busy plates. By letting us take on these responsibilities, your faculty will have more time and energy to focus on classroom management, fundraising strategies, and other school duties. Plus, ExtensisHR helps review and refine employee-based procedures. From enacting new policies to updating employee handbooks, we proudly conduct the heavy lifting required to fix the employee operations needed.

Data integrity and security is amplified

Companies sift through tons of data every day, allowing them to analyze buyers’ journeys based on unique identifiers like purchase history, location, and contacts. Business leaders also gather employee data to monitor elements like performance and attendance. However, companies must adopt strict data security protocols to protect these sensitive sets of information from cybersecurity breaches and misuse. Maintaining high data integrity also elevates brand trust since 84% of consumers are more loyal to companies with strong security controls.

During client implementation, PEOs must also favor data security and integrity. Utilizing best practices for employee data protection prevents the PEO solution from risks that could cause legal consequences and financial burdens for partners. Additionally, proper data care boosts confidentiality and trust within the partnership.

Top-of-the-class HR management starts with ExtensisHR

Don’t let the intricacies of HR complicate your goal to inspire and teach. ExtensisHR pairs over 25 years of expertise with revolutionary HR services to deliver a PEO solution worthy of its high marks. Here’s how we’re helping our charter school customers to shine:

  • A designated account team to monitor the success of your custom HR strategy, including a SAM and managers for HR, Implementation, and Payroll
  • Human-first customer support from our Employee Solutions Center (ESC)
  • Access to our exclusive SchoolCloud™ Portal for school-focused training and professional resources
  • Efficient HR task streamlining and tracking within our user-friendly Work Anywhere® tech platform
  • Enterprise-level benefits that foster positive health and wellness for your staff
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management support to maintain school safety and industry standards
  • Payroll administration and tax management

By partnering with us, your school can focus more on its educational mission while ensuring that HR practices are efficient, compliant, and aligned with student needs.

Contact us today to learn how our HR support for charter schools can empower your institution.

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