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Set Yourself Apart by Making Customer Service Your Secret Weapon

Quick Look: Customization is a buzzword infiltrating every area of the market as people seek genuine connections in a digitally enhanced world. Though technology has changed the game for HR by streamlining applications, creating greater efficiencies, and allowing people to virtually work anywhere, first-rate customer service from a professional employer organization (PEO) partner can help brokers stand out. Focus on the human element as an X factor to create sustainable success and promote client loyalty when competitors come calling.

Customer service is often an unspoken advantage ultimately responsible for a company’s rise or demise. However, when educating and serving health insurance customers, many times the outcome is mediocre at best. Handling information for the masses leaves little room for the customization people crave today. It’s easy for small- and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders and their employees to get lost in vague policy descriptions and poor communication about the value of what’s offered, which often leads to less engagement during open enrollment periods and less use of the actual plan.

Fortunately, a PEO broker can create a bridge to clarify verbiage and advocate for SMBs based on what’s best-suited for their workforce. And when service options and technology are similar among competitors, wielding a partnership with a customer-focused PEO can serve as a secret weapon to achieve what clients really want. Putting people first sounds like an obvious approach, but it requires constant attention and meaningful intention in order to make a difference.

Simplify plan explanations

Try as they might, the health insurance industry has struggled to simplify benefits language for employers and their employees. Unclear jargon makes it difficult to understand exactly what’s covered versus what will need to be paid out of pocket. It’s made benefits enrollment a time employees want to avoid rather than look forward to due to the frustrations and miscommunication about its value.

Here is where a PEO broker steps in and presents well-researched options which meet the client’s needs and is delivered in an easy-to-understand way. Health plans should highlight offerings and clearly outline costs without limiting the amount of coverage available. To improve the connection with SMB leaders, quality customer service also includes policy education, accessible online platforms, and other tools and communication methods to ensure every person has their questions and concerns answered, allowing them to confidently make a decision.

Elevate the experience

Choosing an employee benefits plan is of the utmost importance to SMB leaders as a way to recruit talented professionals and maintain a high level of competitiveness. One of the responsibilities of a PEO broker is to be discerning when it comes to partnering with a PEO and providing options to meet these goals.

Not all health benefits or HR providers offer the same level of service and a misstep can immediately ruin the experience. Even small differentiators in member service availability can make a significant difference when it comes to providing a satisfactory experience for employees, and ultimately, their employers. Additionally, good customer service greatly affects if a company will invest more, recommend services, and trust a provider to take care of their needs. Assessing cost-competitive health insurance plans is the first step, but brokers who extend their search further and include a PEO solution which can provide a human-level response and customization as a company evolves add greater value than what’s typically offered.

Reach a deeper level of understanding

Customization isn’t a new concept but has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. Digital connectivity has created a wide spectrum of choices for SMB leaders, which creates hit-or-miss situations when fulfilling HR benefits for their employees. Plus, the focus on speed and convenience often overshadows the need for a person-to-person connection and empathy to address specific health questions and concerns.

Each employee has specific needs when looking at healthcare plans and these needs often change over time. A PEO broker who spends time curating the best possible solutions for their clients help them grow and thrive over time, thereby solidifying and expanding strong client relationships. 94% of consumers who give a “very good” customer service rating are likely to recommend services to others. And by introducing a PEO solution, clients can feel taken care of across all areas of HR, freeing up time and resources to focus on business growth.

Embracing the ExtensisHR difference

Brokers who explore a PEO solution like ExtensisHR generate customized opportunities for their clients versus being stretched too thin, which is a challenge when working with big-box HR services organizations. ExtensisHR takes a service-oriented approach and is equipped with the resources and technology to create an exceptional customer experience. As a PEO broker, here are the benefits to look for when choosing a PEO fit for your clients:


A dedicated team to manage, support, and proactively address your client’s HR needs, and services like full-cycle recruiting (at no additional cost) which go above and beyond what the “big box” PEOs provide.

Service-oriented approach

In-house experts who can anticipate each SMBs needs versus an automated response via a ticketing system or call center.


Industry professionals with IRS Certified PEO (CPEO), ESAC Accreditation, and Certification Institute (CI) for Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management, a certification trifecta only 1% of PEOs achieve.

Full-service portfolio

An all-inclusive HR services solution including payroll, benefits, recruiting, and HR guidance without any surprise costs or exclusions.

Crystal-clear ROI

Transparent pricing and easily accessible reporting to make data-driven business decisions and forecast future growth.

Above industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS)

An NPS measures client satisfaction based on survey questions gauging how well company needs are met. Currently, the average NPS benchmark is 37% among outsourced HR providers.

HR without the human aspect simply doesn’t make sense. Therefore, how could inattentiveness when it comes to customer service ever equal success? Creating a partnership which lets clients feel like you’re looking out for their best interests instills trust, loyalty, and likability. Brokers who partner with a PEO company offer the expertise, resources, and attention their clients crave in today’s algorithm-driven world.

Want to guide your clients toward a comprehensive HR solution with a customized approach? Contact ExtensisHR today to learn more about how we can support you.

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