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A Hassle-Free Client Implementation Sets the Tone for Future Success

A successful client implementation process can elevate the overall wins earned in a PEO partnership.
Quick look: The client implementation process and onboarding phase of a professional employer organization (PEO) partnership is more than a procedural necessity—it sets the tone for the entire business relationship. Read ahead to learn why a positive client implementation experience is so important and how ExtensisHR’s hassle-free approach demonstrates our commitment to customer success from day one.
Whether you’re partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) for the first time or switching to a new provider that can better meet your needs, this journey is an exciting step towards achieving your business goals—and it all begins with effective onboarding. This crucial phase is more than just formalities; it’s about building a strong foundation for your partnership, ensuring your needs are understood and met with precision.
A seamless and hassle-free onboarding experience sets the tone for a relationship built on trust, collaboration, and mutual success. Here’s a look at why a positive client implementation process is essential for a PEO relationship and what ExtensisHR’s process looks like in practice.

The importance of the implementation process

Turning an implementation discussion into a full-fledged execution plan is a major step. No matter how enthusiastic involved parties are, this stage of a partnership needs to be handled diligently. Here are four reasons why treating this process with care promotes a great onboarding experience.

1. First impressions matter

The adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” holds especially true in PEO relationships. The initial interactions during a client implementation process set the tone for the entire partnership, influencing the customer’s perception and expectations. A smooth onboarding experience signals professionalism and competence, laying the groundwork for attentive and harmonious collaboration.

2. Builds trust and confidence

Companies don’t take service integration lightly. When partnering with a small- or medium-sized business (SMB), a PEO gains access to vital operational aspects that power business goals and capabilities. It is true that PEO solutions benefit SMBs in multiple ways, including helping companies grow 7-9% faster and lowering employee turnover by 10-14%. Still, businesses want to know the PEO they entrust will drive more wins than costly risks. A successful implementation reassures that the PEO partnership was the right decision, which strengthens the overall relationship.

3. Helps spotlight client needs

Truly great PEO solutions don’t rely on “one-size-fits-all” strategies. Most SMBs have predetermined human resource benchmarks they hope to reach as they expand. It is up to the PEO to take the time to analyze their unique needs and leverage their expertise to provide service recommendations.

The client implementation phase offers the opportunity to deeply understand a company’s goals and expectations. While onboarding, a PEO can use this understanding to tailor services and support that best suit specific requirements. By personalizing solutions, PEO partnerships lead to better outcomes and higher satisfaction rates.

4. Reduces anxiety and uncertainty

PEOs provide business leaders with the advantage to overcome HR challenges with collaborative and expert assistance. However, businesses who’ve never worked with a PEO or had negative past experiences may be uncertain about new partnerships. Partnerships can also make workplace changes happen; such change can cause 73% of employees to experience medium to high levels of stress.

A positive implementation experience can ease anxieties and mitigate resistance from a client’s team. It demonstrates that the change will be managed competently and that support is available throughout the transition.

The signs of a top-tier client implementation process

Implementation should be as unique as every partnership. However, here are some key strategies to identify if your PEO is focused on ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Credibility is established

It’s no secret: customer service impacts business-customer relations. According to 73% of consumers, a good customer experience heavily influences their brand loyalty. Trust and credibility are imperative in customer service, too. Designating PEO experts to a company’s account and onboarding plan demonstrates competence and reliability in providing quality services. This also allows companies to build a trusted rapport with professionals who know their implementation journey, which helps makes the execution seamless and nurture the partnership long term.

Disruptions are minimized

Transitioning services or introducing new functions can make businesses weary, as a faulty change can disrupt employee engagement and productivity. Since organizations with highly engaged employees earn 21% more profitability, dealing with these disruptions can create financial setbacks for employers. PEOs can limit these issues by acknowledging what’s convenient for their partner. For example, it is wise to outline a transition schedule that considers the company’s most hectic business hours and main representatives’ availability. Leveraging such implementation tactics allows partners to receive the HR advantages they desire without losing in-house productivity.

The employee experience is enhanced

Employees rely on clear directions to correctly complete their daily tasks. In fact, 80% of US workersaccredit their stress to ineffective company communication. Workers also expect the same level of transparency from PEOs during their implementation. PEOs must offer precise details about service capabilities and required onboarding actions to earn employee satisfaction and buy-in. Highly responsive customer support teams and easily accessible guides and demos enable PEOs to provide excellent employee experiences. These experiences during implementation boosts endorsement ratings, as well as their partner’s willingness to continue using their solution. 

Compliance is maintained

PEOs handle the inner workings behind HR responsibilities such as benefits enrollment, payroll administration, and risk management. Elements like a business’s industry, product offerings, and location affect how regulated their internal business and HR operations are. As a co-employer, your PEO also has a vested interest in ensuring regulatory standards are met for paychecks, paid time off (PTO), minimum wage, and more. Doing so thereby reduces the liability associated with non-compliance, as well as lowers the risk of costly errors and legal repercussions. That’s why PEOs must familiarize themselves with their customers’ compliance obligations in order to understand how implementation can be completed successfully. 

The PEO optimizes its operations

Business leaders treat kickoff stages like client implementation as a vetting process. A PEO’s progress can become stunted if missteps are made. That’s why PEOs need to understand the functionalities behind a company’s employee operations before onboarding. By knowing the procedures in place and technology available, PEOs will be more equipped to fully optimize the client implementation process at the start. This assurance maximizes the value businesses get from their PEO partnership.

Data integrity and security is amplified

Companies sift through tons of data every day, allowing them to analyze buyers’ journeys based on unique identifiers like purchase history, location, and contacts. Business leaders also gather employee data to monitor elements like performance and attendance. However, companies must adopt strict data security protocols to protect these sensitive sets of information from cybersecurity breaches and misuse. Maintaining high data integrity also elevates brand trust since 84% of consumers are more loyal to companies with strong security controls.

During client implementation, PEOs must also favor data security and integrity. Utilizing best practices for employee data protection prevents the PEO solution from risks that could cause legal consequences and financial burdens for partners. Additionally, proper data care boosts confidentiality and trust within the partnership.

Efficient client implementation starts with ExtensisHR

ExtensisHR knows just how crucial getting started with a PEO partnership is. To ensure a hassle-free implementation, we’ve outlined a five-step process that spans over six weeks and beyond.

In the first two weeks, we start with a kickoff meeting to get everyone on the same page. Then, in weeks 3-4, we move onto technology training, where customers learn the ins and outs of our HRIS platform and system. Simultaneously and through week five, we conduct a benefits orientation and open enrollment meetings to make sure customers are well-informed about their options. Between weeks 3-5, we’ll process the first payroll, marking a significant milestone in the implementation! From week 6 onward, our customers transition to their dedicated service team.

Here’s a transparent view of what else our valued customers can expect.

Hassle-free onboarding: Our investments in people, processes, and technology make transitioning to our PEO solution easier for SMBs. We handle the backend work with our certified team and resources, enabling businesses to gain better HR while maintaining focus on daily business operations.

Personalized planning: ExtensisHR tailors our implementation plans to meet the unique needs of each business. Whether it’s meeting a regulatory mandate or achieving an internal goal, we adjust our approach to ensure it aligns with our customers’ operational preferences without any compromise.

Fully-integrated HR technology: Our Work Anywhere® platform is an intuitive human resource information system (HRIS) that delivers exceptional self-service experiences for managers and employees. Its complementary mobile app lets users access and update their HR data anytime from anywhere. Additionally, data privacy features like multi-factor authentication safeguard sensitive employee information.

Dedicated support from experienced professionals: ExtensisHR provides its customers with a dedicated account team, featuring an expert Implementation Manager and HR Manager, to lead them through every step of the process. Partners also have access to our Employee Solution Center’s people-first customer support team, which impressively responds to initial messages in just 11 seconds, ensuring any questions or concerns are addressed promptly.

Switching to a new PEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Through seamless client implementation, PEO partnerships can accomplish beneficial achievements across HR management and business operations.

Schedule a demo with us today to learn about our HRCloud offering and how we revolutionize the implementation process for every PEO partner.

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