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Why PEO Experience Matters and How It Benefits Your Clients

PEO Experience matters.

Quick look: A great professional employer organization (PEO) has a robust foundation of experience from which to draw from and build upon to deliver on companies’ long-term growth goals. Years of fine-tuning HR solutions and working collaboratively with business leaders provide brokers and their clients a much richer, more rewarding partnership. 

PEO awareness continues to rise as small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) look for new ways to lighten their HR administrative load. Industry expertise and exceptional client service drive decisions, which is why overall experience matters.

For brokers, working with an established PEO partner has become a vital resource. It strengthens and grows business relationships by allowing them to expand offerings and improve client outcomes. Research shows 50% of SMBs are less likely to go out of business with the help of a PEO, and 8% of SMBs are able to grow faster.

To effectively support brokers and SMBs, we’ve built up decades of experience in providing PEO excellence. The numbers speak for themselves, but it’s also our people-first approach that helps make a difference.

Here’s an overview of how our team currently measures up experience-wise and how important we take the responsibility of being viewed among the industry’s best.

HR services (12.3 years average)

With well over a decade of experience and counting, our team is adept in handling all administrative tasks pertaining to HR. From talent recruitment and acquisition, to payroll and tax administration, we can confidently complement your clients goals for company growth.

Benefit operations (8.4 years)

Competitive benefits are paramount to any company’s success. Without the right approach, SMBs can quickly lose money and employee interest. However, by delivering a tailored solution to address a client’s specific needs, inclusive of top-tier benefits typically reserved for big businesses, SMBs can rest assured their benefit needs are deployed with a bigger picture in mind.

Benefit management (20.7 years)

In addition to creating customized benefit plans, benefit management also includes adhering to ever-changing federal and local laws and regulations. Keeping up with HR compliance, technology, and benefit trends is a full-time endeavor. As a PEO partner, we simplify the process and make benefit enrollment, engagement, and communication easier to navigate and understand.

Payroll (11.3 years)

Payroll is a complex undertaking, especially with the surge in remote-friendly and dispersed workforces. Ensuring all payroll responsibilities are managed accurately while maintaining federal and state-to-state compliance takes a team well versed in all things payroll, taxes, and PTO implementation and monitoring. 

Product management (9.4 years)

At ExtensisHR, one of our core values is placing emphasis on constant improvement based on new industry data, client insights, and gained experience. For years, we have worked endlessly on fine-tuning our services and creating proprietary tools to streamline how HR administration and management is handled.

The purpose of the PEO connection

It’s valuable to have HR professionals seasoned in providing solutions as part of your team. Years of knowledge allow us to innovate faster and better anticipate what’s next in the world of HR. As a company’s needs change, so must their approach to HR.

Having a strong background increases confidence in SMB leaders and boosts credibility for PEO brokers. Clients rely on broker advice regarding ways to save costs and expand their business through HR best practices. By making the connection to a reputable PEO, it helps brokers secure their client relationships and protect their portfolio. 

Whether it’s through personalized HR solutions, empathetic problem-solving, or advancements in technology, we combine our strengths to give brokers and their clients the best possible service.

Credentials and customer support amplify the client experience

Though the years of experience may be comparable, not every PEO partner is the same. With big-box PEOs relying on quantity over quality, it can water down the experience advantage, since they commonly provide catch-all solutions which aren’t applicable to a company’s unique needs.

Whereas, ExtensisHR is equipped with a team of experts who are dedicated to tailoring plans and solutions. We know brokers and their clients put their trust in us, which is why it’s important we show consistent accountability and reliability.

Our company upholds a trifecta of credentials only 1% of PEOs maintain:

The gold standard for PEO reliability and financial assurance

A dedication to stability and responsibility through proven financial and experience requirements

Commitment to upholding workers’ compensation risk management best practices

Additionally, our customer support teams have: 

  • 95% same-day resolution rate
  • 11-second answer rate by phone
  • 90-second answer rate in live chats

ExtensisHR also maintains a net promoter score (NPS) of 82%, compared to 37% among other outsourced HR providers. With a comprehensive approach to HR solutions, brokers and SMBs can get all the support they need in one place. This includes:

  • Benefit services
  • HR services
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Recruitment and retention assistance

Furthermore, ExtensisHR’s proprietary HR technology allows clients to manage activities from anywhere, at their convenience. In addition to overseeing day-to-day HR tasks, our WorkAnywhere® platform unifies reporting, synchronizes goals, and builds HR sustainability to drive better results. From productivity to performance, and compliance to cost management, SMB leaders are given an intuitive look at where their company stands from a HR viewpoint.

Our team is constantly pushing forward to align with what brokers and their clients need to succeed. The goal is to simplify complex HR challenges. And, in order to strategize and implement solutions effectively, nothing is more valuable than experience. 

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