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7 Reasons PEO Premier® Is Right for Your Business

Business leaders are able to collaborate on revenue-generating initiatives, thanks to PEO Premier® handling their company's HR management needs.

Quick look: Imagine never worrying about human resources again. With ExtensisHR’s PEO Premier®, our personalized approach to HR management saves your business time, work, and stress. Keep reading to see how we make HR easy by doing it for you.

Successful business leaders know a strong human resources approach strengthens employee growth, retention, safety, and satisfaction. However, leaders are also preoccupied with handling the time, costs, and operations needed to power client solutions. This dilemma is inspiring 49% of companies to invest in improving HR management.

ExtensisHR’s PEO Premier® is one such investment, designed to make HR easy by doing core tasks for you. Here are seven reasons why choosing PEO Premier® saves your business time, administrative work, and hassle.

Boosts productivity and fuels growth

Managing HR is a time-consuming responsibility. One study by the USC’s Center for Effective Organizations found HR decision-makers spend nearly 73.2% of their time doing tedious administrative task. From tax forms to benefits renewals, a consistent cycle of paperwork tends to overshadow the impactful actions of people operations.

PEO Premier® allows your organization to offload its HR function. While ExtensisHR’s accredited experts handle those tedious yet necessary administrative tasks, company executives and associates can get back to focusing on generating revenue and amplifying business growth. From maintaining compliance to updating compensations or bonus entities within your payroll system, ExtensisHR’s PEO Premier® is equipped to handle every major HR need.

One person to call for everything

Most big-box PEOs use preset automations and call queues within their customer service model. Though chatbots and AI allow businesses to interact with more customers in a single span of time, lack of natural rapport and account familiarity can lead to a lackluster customer experience. According to a Forbes article, 80% of consumers said using chatbots increased their frustration level. Additionally, 72% felt it was a waste of time to use a chatbot for customer service.

At ExtensisHR, we believe in keeping the “human” in human resources. That’s why we pair you with a dedicated PEO Premier® Account Manager as your single point-of-contact for customer success. Whether it’s strategizing with your assigned Payroll Specialist or facilitating new hire onboarding, your Account Manager oversees day-to-day communication, management, and the rapid resolution of questions, issues or concerns.

Access to concierge medicine

Company healthcare programs do more than give employees an affordable way to protect their well-being in the workplace. These programs also positively affect a team’s overall work performance. According to a Zippia employee wellness report, 84% of employers reported higher productivity and performance from their employees due to wellness plans in 2019. Despite the proven advantages, employees can still have trouble decoding the guidelines and paperwork necessary to properly opt in and utilize these benefits.

Available through partnerships with One Medical and Alight Solutions employees receive access to personal health services like healthcare advocacy, a healthcare concierge, and membership-based primary care practices. Employees can delegate much of their healthcare tasks like finding providers and reviewing and negotiating billing issues and claims, while also receiving comprehensive, quality care.

Tailored benefits meetings for executives and new hires

Personalized healthcare is a trending in popularity, being hailed for helping its recipients access diverse medical options based on demographics, genetics, diagnoses, and other relevant health factors.  In fact, 75% of patients are wanting deeper personalization in healthcare from providers.

Top talent employees want similar personalization options from their employers’ provided healthcare benefits. PEO Premier® helps our customers make that expectation a reality.

Your staff can schedule confidential, deep-dive sessions to review plans and ask detailed questions as we guide them through the selection process and explain their personalized offerings. After all, every employee has unique healthcare needs. Ensuring their benefits reflect those needs is only logical.

Attract and retain quality talent

Talented employees are essential to helping companies generate revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and reach profitable benchmarks. However, everchanging requirements of industry roles can make it hard for businesses to pinpoint what type of talent best fits their needs. Additionally, the competitive nature of today’s job market can make finding and attracting loyal employees a struggle.

At ExtensisHR, we leverage our trusted network to attract and secure top talent for your business. In addition to our full-cycle recruiting offering, we provide added services like background checks, interview training, an applicant tracking system, and executive-level talent pool creation. PEO Premier® also includes ultra-exclusive services and experiences to retain valuable employees and help your company compete with larger organizations.

Enhanced and premium benefit offerings

Traditionally, a new-hire expected their employer to provide basic health and retirement packages. Nowadays, employers are expanding their benefits packages to include programs related to full-service family care, life insurance, mental health, and even supplementary benefits like legal services. Workers are also influenced by today’s evolution of employee benefits, with 78% of employees saying they were likely to stay with their employer due to the distinct benefits program they offered.

While a traditional PEO arrangement provides access to Fortune 500 benefit plans, PEO Premier® gives employees richer, executive-level benefit offerings, including long- term disability, group life insurance coverage, increased long-term disability coverage, and more.

A better employee experience

An organization’s success is strongly correlated to their employees’ engagement. One study states companies with the highest rates of employee engagement are 21% more profitable than their peers. Highly engaged employees are also 22% more productive and 87% less likely to leave their employer voluntarily. These results are why any employers hoping to garner positive engagement for their own workplace should include providing a better employee experience in their HR strategy.

PEO Premier® comes packed with luxury perks and platinum HR services like a dedicated phone number with direct access to ExtensisHR’s Employee Solution Center, specialized assistance for complex payroll matters, international healthcare coverage and benefits, and so much more. At a time when employee experience is paramount, these amenities help boost higher levels of engagement, greater retention rates, and a stronger workplace culture.

Make PEO Premier® your complete outsourced HR department

Your team deserves to focus on its bottom-line initiatives without HR administration tasks causing a distraction. ExtensisHR’s PEO Premier® solution saves business leaders time, money, and stress by taking on the workload of HR management. From mapping out appropriate strategies to executing core responsibilities, partners who use PEO Premier® can provide employees with world-class HR services that boost their well-being, productivity, and overall satisfaction with their work environment.

Contact ExtensisHR today to learn how PEO Premier® can revolutionize your company’s HR strategy.

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