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Planning a Safe, Sensible Return to In-Person Work

Quick look: It’s important to have a methodical plan in place for bringing employees back into the office post-COVID-19. Our “Returning to the Office: A Quick-Start Guide for SMB Employers” eBook provides valuable insight to help you safely reopen your workplace, including ideas for reconfiguring physical spaces, back-to-office scheduling suggestions, employee health and vaccination do’s and don’ts, COVID policy development and training, and more.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses across the nation are anticipating a return to some degree of in-person work over the coming weeks and months. But an unclear approach to planning could create serious problems for your organization, from compliance violations to inadvertently fostering an unsafe work environment.

Our HR solutions experts have compiled a useful guide to make your transition easier.

“Returning to the Office: A Quick-Start Guide for SMB Employers” delivers insight and suggestions on developing and implementing effective strategies to keep your employees safe while protecting your company against risk exposure.

This valuable resource contains many key topics for re-opening your workplace, including:

  • Ideas for reconfiguring physical spaces
  • Back-to-office scheduling suggestions
  • Employee health and vaccination do’s and don’ts
  • COVID policy development and training
  • Tips on promoting employee satisfaction
  • Developing effective communication plans
  • And more

SMB leaders and employees are all eager to regain a sense of normalcy in the workplace. However, returning to the office safely and strategically requires balancing lots of details, many of which continue to shift as local and federal regulations evolve.

By taking a deliberate approach and consulting with an experienced HR solutions partner throughout planning and implementation, you can support a smooth transition from remote to in-person work while maintaining productivity and promoting employee satisfaction.

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Create a comprehensive, compliant return-to-work roadmap. Our HR experts can help.

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