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The Top Employee Feedback Questions that Quickly Boost Workplace Morale

Great morale is developed through communication and the actions of leaders and staff within an organization. Workplace culture is the foundation for building a strong company vision, full of supporting values that aid employees to fulfill their – and the business’– smart goals and objectives. Keep morale high and a positive culture is sure to follow.

Below are the top employee feedback questions that are guaranteed to quickly boost your team’s morale and get your business on track to building a positive workplace culture that your staff will love.


Some of the toughest questions for you to ask, and for your employees to answer, are the ones that will push you all to reach new heights both professionally and personally. Increasing performance and morale through self-reflection and understanding should be your end goal. The following questions can help you achieve this.

Asking ‘How can I be a better leader?’ may be difficult for some members of your team to answer, but will prove to be more than helpful in highlighting your personal areas for growth. It will also show you what qualities your employees value in their managers and what they see in themselves, allowing you to determine if they are in sync with the rest of the business.

Follow this up by inquiring, ‘What quality do you see in a colleague that you would like to learn or develop in yourself?’ This searching question gives insight into the qualities valued by your team and also directs you to the people who may have gone unnoticed in their work. This will also encourage increased team connection and self-awareness.

Finally, ask your employees this: ‘If you could choose anyone in the business to coach you on a particular topic, who would it be and why?’ Similar to the above inquiry, this encourages employees to consider each other’s strengths as well as their own areas for development. Companies that ask questions, and build cultures, which support and encourage employee development nurture loyalty and trust within their employees.


The people who work for you are the ones that know your products inside-out, and can often be a source of great insights on how to do things better, more efficiently or even spot new trends the business may wish to take advantage of.

Ask employees, ‘What would you change about our product or service if you were able to?’ This lets people know that you value their insights, and encourages them to be innovative and creative. Some of the best ideas come to us when we remove boundaries and think freely; this question challenges employees to do just that for your business.

A particularly thought-provoking question is this: ‘If you could start this company again, from scratch, what might you do differently?’ Similar to the previous question, this asks for insight from employees on your business and lets them know you value their opinions and thoughts. Some of the answers may expose areas for business development that would never have come to light had you not asked.


Recognizing a job well done can sometimes be lost in today’s fast-paced business environment. Stop and ask your employees how they feel about their and their team’s work, providing them the time and space to feel pride in the work they do for the company.

Start with this: ‘Of your achievements this week, which are you most proud and why?’ Giving team members a chance to feel pride in their work and share their triumphs with you can be illuminating. Answers will give you an understanding of what aspects of their work are most important to them.

Show you want to recognize employees for their hard work by asking, ‘Which team member has gone the extra mile this week in their work and how did they do it?’ Encouraging employees to think about their co-workers’ achievements and highlighting them for doing so inspires team cohesiveness and a spirit of collaboration rather than competition.

Open the door with this question: ‘What opportunities for talent development and growth have you spotted for yourself or a colleague?’ Team members often chat about their aspirations, life goals, and experiences. Giving them a chance to focus on something that would be good for a colleague’s, or their own, development builds trust, understanding, and strong workplace connections.

Encourage sharing in the workplace by opening communication pathways and engaging your workforce in meaningful conversations. Conversations about the business, their lives, goals, and vision of theirs and the business’ future are a great way to instantly build morale and lay the groundwork for a positive culture of collaboration, sharing, and innovation within your business.

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