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The Power of People: A Case Study on Power PEO Consulting’s Selection of ExtensisHR

In the complex business world, brokers play a crucial role in connecting organizations with the right HR solutions to meet their needs. And that’s exactly the mission of Archie Coupe, Chief Executive Officer of Power PEO Consulting, a nationwide professional employer organization (PEO) brokerage and consulting firm helping businesses navigate the PEO landscape.

Coupe has been connecting small businesses with HR solutions for almost two decades. Recognizing the rising importance of PEOs in the market, Coupe embarked on a journey to be an even greater advocate for SMBs—establishing Power PEO Consulting in 2016.

As an industry veteran, he maintains a strong portfolio of PEOs and knew of ExtensisHR’s reputation for customer service, human capital management, and ability to engineer custom PEO solutions. He reached out soon after founding Power PEO Consulting and quickly forged a partnership.

In this case study, learn how:

  • Power PEO Consulting and ExtensisHR helped a successful hedge fund avoid a healthcare renewal increase of nearly 60%
  • ExtensisHR’s broker-centric business model allows partners to enhance service offerings, increase customer satisfaction, and address client pain-points more effectively
  • A collaboration between Power PEO Consulting and ExtensisHR serves as an example of a mutually beneficial relationship

Entering a partnership of any kind requires trust and transparency, which brokers can rely on when working with ExtensisHR.

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