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ExtensisHR’s Service and Professionalism Impress Clients of New York’s Top PEO Broker


“When I evaluate PEOs, I’m demanding from the beginning,” says Danny Nessim, president and founder of A&C Management Group. Nessim, a broker for nearly 30 years, was ranked the top PEO broker in New York by Yahoo Finance.

His proven process for selecting PEO partners begins with due diligence on each prospective partner, in which he gets to know exactly who will be servicing his clients before he decides whether he will work with them.

“The customer service model is huge for me,” he explains. “A PEO helps people with benefits and compliance, so I expect them to get back to my clients the same day. I need to know that when I have an issue, I can go up through the hierarchy and get it solved quickly. If I can’t, then I don’t do business with them.”


Nessim explained these high expectations on a visit to ExtensisHR headquarters nearly three years ago. “They rolled out the red carpet, told me who they were, explained their company values, and I liked what I saw,” he says. “I had a good feeling from the beginning.”

To illustrate the strengths of ExtensisHR, Nessim points to a recent experience with a marketing firm that he describes as a “tough client.” The firm was moving to a PEO model for the first time and Nessim brought in ExtensisHR to explain how to manage the change successfully.

“The ExtensisHR team put together a plan, presented all the services clearly and professionally, and went through a step-by-step process that impressed everyone,” he says. “They were patient, professional and the quality of their plan and presentation was excellent. That had a lot to do with our winning the business.”


While service is a priority, Nessim also considers the professionalism and knowledge of a PEO’s people, the quality of their plans, and consistency in their history of referrals and rate renewals among the attributes he considers essential.

New York’s top PEO broker found it all at ExtensisHR, and that’s why after three years, ExtensisHR ranks as among his top two PEO partners.



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