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ExtensisHR Goes Above and Beyond to Help Benefit Broker Partner Win Food Chain Account

The Challenge

When John Marchetti, managing partner of Monarch Benefit Advisors, had an opportunity to write a new account with a fast-growing chain of health food shops, he decided to approach three different PEOs for proposals. Two were PEO partners he had previous relationships with and the third was ExtensisHR, an HR Outsourcing Services (HRO) provider he had not yet engaged with.

Marchetti’s primary goal was to present the client with three comprehensive options to solve their unique challenges. However, in this case, the health food chain did not know what type of human resources, payroll and benefits services it needed, which meant extra legwork was required up front.

The Solution

It quickly became clear to Marchetti that ExtensisHR was the only HRO provider with the necessary expertise, products, and willingness to take the time to help the company find the right solution.

“ExtensisHR had multiple calls with the client, sometimes with over 10 of their specialists, to find out exactly what they needed,” Marchetti says. “They kept going after most PEOs would have given up and went above and beyond what I expect from a PEO partner.”

Since PEO solutions are not typically a good fit for restaurant businesses, and the health food chain had its own benefits in the open market, ExtensisHR proposed an HRO solution instead. Through their HRO solution, ExtensisHR designed a flexible package based on the client’s unique needs: enabling the client to remain the employer of record but having ExtensisHR administer the health benefits.

The Results

“After ExtensisHR figured out what the client needed and offered the right product, they offered exceptional value and service until they closed the business,” Marchetti says. “Even then, once the account was secured, they didn’t sit back. Their entire team came together to facilitate each piece of the puzzle.”

Marchetti says ExtensisHR operates at a higher level than other PEOs, bringing a full range of subject matter experts to the table when they were needed. “They picked up the slack whenever it was needed, provided the necessary expertise and proved they’re a true partner,” he says.

At Monarch, which focuses on health and property casualty insurance for small and medium size businesses, Marchetti handles up to 10 clients at a time, so it is critical to his business he has partners who can analyze client needs and find the right solutions.

“In the end, it’s more than the product, it’s the people behind it,” he says. “ExtensisHR not only helped my client but helped me grow my business. That’s why I’ll work with ExtensisHR again.”


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