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Broker-Only PEO: A Partnership That Can Grow and Protect Your Book

Brokers today face numerous challenges protecting and growing their book of business. And while other brokers can be a problem, many are losing their clients to large, direct-selling PEOs. However, there is a partnership that can help brokers remain competitive in this difficult market—working with a Broker-Only PEO.

But what is a broker-only PEO, how do they partner with brokers, and what should brokers look for in a potential PEO partner? Our latest eBook, Broker-Only PEO: A Partnership That Can Grow & Protect Your Book, answers these questions.

Other topics explored in this eBook include:

  • Direct selling and dual model PEOs vs. Broker-Only PEOs.
  • What benefits do brokers gain by partnering with a Broker-Only PEO?
  • How does a Broker-Only PEO partnership work?
  • Which clients are a good fit for a Broker-Only PEO solution?
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