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5 of Our Most Popular HR Resources of 2021


Quick look: It’s hard to believe 2022 is here. Last year was filled with a variety of HR challenges – and our list of most-read HR resources in 2021 reflects that. Read on to dive into five of our popular posts last year, focusing on topics like recruiting strategy, what to look for in an HRIS, key HR metrics and how to measure them, and more.

Raise your hand if you’re in disbelief it is 2022. If you’re like us, 2021 felt like it passed in a flash, and it can be helpful and motivating to take a moment to debrief what happened last year. After analyzing our website’s trends, we discovered five of our most popular HR resources of 2021, all catered to small- and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders like you. Join us and explore topics ranging from ways to re-energize your teams to the most important HR metrics to measure – and everything in between.

1. 10 Ways Leaders Can Re-Energize Their Teams

Our most-read blog of the year wasn’t published in 2021 – in fact, it was posted in October 2018. However, its information couldn’t be more relevant as employees manage stress from the ongoing pandemic and potential heavier workloads caused by the labor shortage.

Visit the blog to take a close look at 10 ways you, as an SMB leader, can re-energize your teams, including:

  1. Getting to know team members and their personalities;
  2. Encouraging continuous creativity;
  3. Asking for feedback;
  4. Celebrating special occasions and milestones;
  5. Learning from your employees;
  6. Reminding your teams of the big picture;
  7. Showing empathy;
  8. Refocusing efforts and strategies when needed;
  9. Being a role model;
  10. And always expressing gratitude and praising great work.


2. Recruiting Strategy: 5 Proven Methods to Enhance Your Process

Another “oldie but goodie,” this blog explores five tried-and-true ways to enhance your recruiting process. While published in 2017, this piece again serves up timeless information, especially as employers like yourself face the challenges stemming from the Great Resignation/the Big Quit.

When you read this post, you’ll learn more about the following recruiting methods:

  • Focusing on the candidate experience
  • Best practices for career websites
  • The power of social media for recruiting
  • Tips on how to build and promote your employer brand
  • Why recruiting metrics are necessary and what you should measure


3. 5 Most Common PEO Myths

If you’ve been wondering what exactly working with a PEO looks like (and what it doesn’t look like), this piece is a must-read. Put on your myth-busting hats and visit this blog to explore the five most common PEO misconceptions, including:

  • Myth 1: Business leaders lose control of staffing decisions
  • Myth 2: A PEO replaces in-house HR teams (unless you want it to, with a comprehensive solution like PEO Premier®!)
  • Myth 3: PEO is the same as employee leasing
  • Myth 4: Co-employment negatively impacts the employee experience
  • Myth 5: PEOs are too expensive


4. How to Select an HRIS: Making the Most Out of Your Investment

With so many human resource information system (HRIS) options on the market, what’s an SMB employer to do when choosing one?

In this blog, one of our most popular of 2021, discover which HRIS features and capabilities you should consider to be must-haves, like cloud-based technology, intuitive design, and customizable reports. You’ll also discover how exactly an HRIS will benefit you, like by improving efficiency, reducing errors, and empowering employee autonomy.


5. 14 HR Metrics to Consider Tracking and How to Calculate Them

Without data backing your decisions, operating a business can feel like a stab in the dark. Data-driven HR is essential in improving the health of an organization and the happiness of its employees.

In this blog, explore 14 key HR metrics to consider tracking if you aren’t already, and the best way to calculate them. These metrics include:

  • Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)
  • Turnover rate
  • New hire or early turnover
  • Average time to fill
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Absence rate
  • Absence rate per manager or department
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Training cost per employee
  • Training time per employee
  • Cost per hire
  • Employee performance
  • Promotion rate


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