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ExtensisHR Helps Investment Firm Enhance their Employee Benefits Plan

The Challenge

Employee benefits play an important role for employers today as recruiting and retaining workers grows more challenging. However, it’s not uncommon to see small businesses struggle to offer the types of benefits that job seekers look for, ultimately costing employers potential high-performing team members.

This was the case for a New Jersey investment company that was gearing up for a big recruitment push in the coming years. With their lofty growth goals, they examined their current employee benefits and knew they needed to make improvements to attract and hire the best possible talent.

To make things complicated for this employer, the business was composed of three distinct entities, making HR administration even more complex for the leadership team.

The Solution

The firm decided to see what options were available, and ultimately came across a professional employer organization (PEO) solution that would be perfect for their benefits and HR needs – ExtensisHR.

After meeting with members of ExtensisHR, the investment firm’s leadership team realized that with this partnership they could have the quality and quantity of benefits that they needed to achieve their upcoming hiring goals.

The company also saw the value in having an HR partner that would be there to provide support as the company grew.

The Results

After a few weeks, the investment firm came back to their broker and said that they wanted to work with ExtensisHR – one entity would sign on initially, while another would join once they started their high-volume hiring in the near future.

By working with ExtensisHR, the investment firm will be able to offer their current and future employees Fortune-500 level benefits while gaining a strategic HR partner that can help the organization as they grow in the coming years.


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