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Jane Barr Horstman & Associates: Lightening the HR Burden for a Small Business CEO

The Challenge

The CEO of a small business struggled with the time required to manage human resources in-house. People and workforce tasks occupied hours of valuable time she preferred to direct toward core business activities. She needed a solution to make HR easier, not more complex.

The Backstory

As the founder and CEO of Jane Barr Horstman & Associates, a six-person administrative management firm, Jane Barr Horstman was handling the entire scope of her company’s human resources herself. She has used other “big box” PEO partners in the past but found their complicated technology and lack of support wasted hours of her time.

Though she wasn’t fully satisfied with her HR solutions partner, the process of switching to a new PEO provider seemed daunting.

The Solution

After signing with ExtensisHR, Jane soon discovered our personalized service model is an inherent part of our operations. The onboarding processes had been overwhelming with other providers, but ExtensisHR handled the heavy lifting during her transition.

“I didn’t have the time or bandwidth to dedicate to the switch. I still had to run my business,” recalls Jane. “My ExtensisHR account manager stepped in immediately to set up my account, transfer the records from my previous HR partner, and helped my employees familiarize themselves with the system. She did it all without requiring anything from me.”

In addition to day-to-day HR administration, Jane was seeking a more comprehensive solution for employee health benefits. Folding under ExtensisHR’s group umbrella plan enabled her to offer improved base medical plans, plus dental and optical, all for lower premiums than she was paying before.

Her ExtensisHR account manager also provided options for long- and short-term disability plans, a benefit she had never been able to offer. Jane explains,

“I never had enough time to dedicate to research different plan options. ExtensisHR did all the research for me. My account manager then walked me through the different plans, comparing each one and discussing which would be best for my company. That was the type of attention I never received from my previous PEO partner.”

ExtensisHR PEO Services Provided

ExtensisHR solutions are designed to help businesses and executives exactly like Jane. Her company took advantage of our suite comprehensive HR solutions, including:

  • Payroll
  • Sophisticated HRIS software
  • Employee self-service tools
  • PTO tracking
  • Benefits administration
  • Compliance expertise

The Results

In addition to hard savings on healthcare premiums and the ability to offer a wider set of benefits, Jane feels like ExtensisHR is an offsite extension of her company. “They take customer service to a whole new level,” she explains. “I know I always have my account manager’s full attention and I can trust the team at ExtensisHR to be there whenever I need them. They’re not just a company I work with—these are my HR people.”


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