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Recruiting made simpler

Attracting, recruiting, and hiring top talent is critical to the ongoing success of your business.

Available exclusively as part of ExtensisHR’s PEO solution, and at no additional cost, customers have access to:

  • Full-cycle recruiting for most staff level positions
  • 30-minute phone consultations with a dedicated recruiting specialist
  • Job advertisement samples, guidance, and creation
  • Salary surveys
  • Skills assessments
  • Interview assistance
  • Talent pool analytics
  • Offer letter consultations
  • And more

ExtensisHR’s 45-Day Recruiting Solution

Built using both human and artificial intelligence (AI) pragmatic solutions allows us to help you find both passive and proactive candidates through AI-led sourcing and sponsored job ads.

5 Steps to Help Hire Top Talent

Your cheat sheet for honing your hiring process.

Get Ready to Hire

Clarify the position you need to fill and who would make the perfect candidate. Create your job description, establish a budget for your search, and begin.

  1. Understand the Open Position
    Establish the key functions, tasks, general parameters, and goals you will assign to this position.
  2. Create Your Ideal Candidate
    Nobody understands your business the way you do. Use that unique perspective to know who to look for, where to look for them, and how to get them to join you.
  3. Write the Job Description
    Review this job’s specific tasks as they impact your organization’s performance. Consider ways to make this role more effective or how it can improve, alter, or add to the organization’s capabilities. Make sure everyone agrees.
  4. Post the Job
    You can increase your recruitment results and save money by optimizing how you use paid job boards, free job boards, and your own website to post your job.

Find Candidates

Focus your search where it will bring you the best-qualified candidates. Stay connected with those candidates and nurture their interest in your company.

  1. Understand the New Job Market
    You probably already know there are about 7.3 million job openings but only 5.5 million total available employees.
  2. Understand Active and Passive Candidates
    The market is full of either Active or Passive Candidates. Active are looking for a new job while Passive would be intrigued by the potential of one.
  3. Engage and Nurture Candidates
    Proactively build a talent pipeline, instead of waiting for a position to open up when you’ll be reactive and pressured. Once you make contacts with candidates, nurture them.

Interview Candidates

Thoroughly prepare for each candidate interview. Consider the type of interview, the key questions, and the role of every interviewer in the process.

  1. Be Prepared
    You’ve invested time and resources to identify candidates for your open position. Preparing for the interview also requires time and resources so you can make an accurate appraisal of each candidate.
  2. Choose the Type of Interview
    Once you’re ready to begin interviewing candidates, consider which style of interview best suits your company and your interviewers. Will the interview be in-person? Virtual? A hybrid of both?
  3. Ask the Right Questions
    Robust packets include questions for all your future interviews to ensure you know what to ask your candidate in any situation.
  4. Provide a Positive Candidate Experience
    Robust packets include questions for all your future interviews to ensure you know what to ask your candidate in any situation.
  5. Candidate Feedback Form
    Documenting what each interviewee learned within the interview is important in order to properly evaluate the candidate, compare candidates, and understand why hires last as long as they do within your company.

Hire the Right Person

Checklists, templates, scripts, and guides are available to help you select the right candidates, reach out to them, and verify the information they’ve provided.

  1. Candidate Interview Evaluation
    Checklists will help you determine if the candidate has the hard and soft skills needed to be successful in the position.
  2. References Questionnaire and Guide
    Scripts and suggested questions will provide tips on how to gather references from previous employers.
  3. Understanding Background Checks
    Background checks can be complex. Use these tips to understand what you are looking at and how to evaluate them.
  4. Offers and Negotiations
    Offer letters vary from position to position. Use these tools to learn how to properly construct one for your business.
  5. If You Haven’t Found the Right Person
    How you handle the people who aren’t hired is crucial. In today’s world of social media and public forums it is key to let rejected candidates down properly.

New Hire Tips & Tricks

Make the new hire’s first day a great day. Follow up with orientation, one-on-one meetings at 30 and 90 days, and help the new hire “live” the company culture.

  1. Develop Your Onboarding Plan
    Having a plan when onboarding a new hire has more levels than just a first day lunch. Find out what you can do to provide a great experience.
  2. Make the New Hire’s First Day Great
    First impressions go both ways when a new member joins the team.
  3. Mark the First 30 and 90 Days
    Setting expectations over the first 30-90 days allows the new hire to meet expectations and know their role.
  4. Build and Maintain your Company Culture
    Even companies in the same industry will have unique cultures within their organizations. Your new hire must understand and “live” your company’s culture to be successful.
  5. How to Handle Glassdoor Reviews
    Reading Glassdoor reviews has become part of the fabric of the job search, make sure your organization is handling this properly.

Resources, Guides, and Tools

Download these free guides, checklists, and forms to help you prepare for every stage of the interview and hiring process. Fill out, print, reuse, and revisit whenever necessary to take advantage of the dozens of documents at your disposal.

  • Job Description Template
  • Creating Your Ideal Candidate Form
  • Requisition Intake Form

  • Candidate Communications Form
  • Candidate Red Flags
  • 5 Tips for Texting in Recruiting

  • Interview Questions Packet
  • Telephone Pre-Interview Screen
  • Candidate Feedback Form
  • Telephone Full Interview Screen

  • Interview Evaluation Form
  • Reference Check Guide and Questionnaire
  • Offer Letter Template
  • Candidate Comparison

  • Onboarding Checklist
  • New Hire’s 1st Day Checklist
  • 30-Day New Hire Plan

Blogs and eBooks

Our blogs and eBooks are developed to keep your organization updated on today’s recruiting trends. Find tips on how to retain employees, attract top talent, and improve the candidate experience. Check back often for new updates!

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Additional Services As Your HR Needs Grow

Applicant Tracking System

Hiring a new employee can be expensive, time-consuming, and extremely difficult in today’s job market. ExtensisHR’s Recruiting Cloud Applicant Tracking System streamlines the processes of posting to job boards, tracking applications, and assessing and communicating with applicants. This allows you to be significantly faster, agile, and more competitive in finding and attracting the right candidates for your jobs.

Automated Job Posting

Candidate Communication

Offer Letter Templates

Reporting Functions

All Done In One System

As mandated by the law, the hireEZ AEDT used by ExtensisHR has undergone an independent bias audit.

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