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A Brighter Future for Brokers and Businesses

Human resources professionals

As we kick off 2021, we’re all looking toward a brighter future. The past year brought back-to-back challenges as businesses and brokers were forced to pivot in ways they never expected. With the initial shock of change having faded, it is time to gear up for a more focused, productive year ahead.

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it

This past year showed us that life is full of unexpected events. The COVID-19 pandemic created monumental disruption, driven by financial, workforce, benefits, and regulatory changes. HR became incredibly complex for small and medium-size businesses, and brokers and company leadership were tasked with sorting it all out in real time.

Though state and federal authorities now have more detailed roadmaps for closures and re-openings than they did last March, we predict many changes still lie ahead, as governments and businesses attempt to operate while maintaining citizen safety. Now, more than ever, it is extremely important for businesses to have the right HR partner in place.

Support from an experienced outsourced HR partner helps alleviate some of the stress of planning, compliance, and daily operations. Incorporating professional HR experts frees up in-house HR departments to focus on crucial business strategy for the coming year.

The time to take action is now

Too many businesses manage their HR on autopilot, a fact brought into harsh reality during the events of 2020. That said, the pandemic was the latest example of just how complex HR can become during a crisis.

In the coming year, we’re likely to continue to experience some overflow of issues from 2020, and businesses will still face the same “run-of-the-mill” crises – catastrophic weather events, property damage or total loss, workforce shakeups, etc.  

Businesses and brokers now recognize the importance of having great technical resources and partners on hand to navigate uncharted waters. This support includes experienced professionals for issues such as managing business cash flow, acquiring a more comprehensive set of insurance coverages, or partnering with outsourced HR providers to handle complex issues like employee furloughs, terminations, and employee benefits management.

We recommend all businesses and brokers make a concerted effort to become more proactive about every element of their operational procedures, including partnering with experts. It is the best way to ensure the ability to react quickly to inevitable future surprises.

Helping businesses become even better employers

No matter the challenges your organization faced in 2020, you’re likely to have come away with a fresh perspective on the full scope of employee needs beyond basics like health insurance and PTO. Business owners and brokers are now acutely aware of the close connection between employee satisfaction and business productivity.

“One-size-fits-all” benefit packages and out-of-the-box solutions are no longer sufficient for businesses – or employees. Organizations need tailored solutions matching their unique workflows and serving their industry and workforce more closely.

In an effort to support small and medium-sized businesses, Extensis has furthered our ability to say yes to more broker-partners and prospective clients by expanding our product and service offerings to include Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) for all employers with 150-500 worksite employees. We have also made our solutions available to employers and brokers on a national level.

Our goal is to help businesses become great employers. This high level of support, customization, and personalization – evidenced on our refreshed company website – are major factors in determining the success of our clients and broker-partners.

Cheers to 2021!

The past year reminds us nothing is ever guaranteed, and we should take nothing for granted. As old processes become obsolete, opportunities always emerge to replace outdated ideas with more flexible, forward-focused solutions. This resilience provides the cornerstone for strength and success in the year ahead. There is no better time than the present to get started on building a bolder, brighter future.

Ready to optimize your approach to HR? Our experts provide tailored solutions for brokers and businesses.

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