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How ExtensisHR Helps Brokers Close New Business

Working with a PEO partner can give you the edge over the competition and close new business.

Quick look: Today’s competitive marketplace requires brokers to go beyond the standard level of service and offer exceptional value in order to find and retain clients. This is where a professional employer organization (PEO) partner like ExtensisHR can make an impact. Through personalized HR services and client collaboration, brokers are given the advantage they need to close new business.  

Brokers are constantly tasked with edging out competitors to gain new business. Fortunately, connecting with a PEO partner automatically creates a valuable extension of what they can offer their clients.

A PEO fully manages HR responsibilities in a flexible, cost-effective way, which is pivotal for clients in achieving their business goals and planning for the future. But services alone don’t create a meaningful experience, making big-box providers ineffective for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

A person-to-person approach and customized HR solutions are what business leaders are looking for. Here’s how a PEO partner champions growth and how ExtensisHR, specifically, can make a difference:

1. Extensive HR and underwriting expertise

ExtensisHR has a team of experts with a broad knowledge of the complexities of employee benefits and HR regulations. This level of expertise is invaluable, as it ensures SMBs receive the most accurate and useful advice.

Our underwriters and benefit professionals assess risks, evaluate trends, and offer tailored solutions to meet each business’s unique needs. This is in addition to managing the day-to-day activities necessary for HR. Bridging the connection to a PEO adds to the credibility of a broker’s services, and when there’s continual collaboration, it assures another layer of trust.

2. Access to premium benefits

A main appeal of working with a PEO partner is the ability to provide a wide range of Fortune 500-level benefits. Often, SMBs must compete with larger companies who can afford these kinds of benefits to secure top talent. However, through ExtensisHR, brokers can leverage an extensive selection of benefit options to accommodate the diverse needs of their clients.

From health insurance to 401(k) plans, greater access to the variety and quality of benefits makes a broker’s offerings more enticing to clients. Furthermore, ExtensisHR provides ancillary support and services for clients choosing to offer these benefits, including Tuition.IO, life insurance, hospital indemnity (Aflac), accident indemnity (Aflac), Pumpspotting, and Cancer Guardian, to name a few.

Plus, brokers can also offer clients another tier of service with ExtensisHR’s PEO Premier® which offers concierge medicine, international payroll management, healthcare advocacy, and more. This is a premium opportunity unlocking exclusive services and support for clients seeking a well-rounded, all-inclusive solution.

3. Administrative relief and ongoing education

Maintaining and implementing HR and benefit tasks requires a full-time effort. A PEO partner takes on these time-consuming administrative duties to free up time for both brokers and businesses, allowing them to focus on other areas of growth. Also, by staying on the cutting edge of industry news and developments, ExtensisHR provides education to keep brokers ahead of the curve and position them as advisory experts for their clients.

Keeping up with the constant evolution of HR and benefit trends and regulations is critical. As part of our PEO solution, SMB clients receive specialized risk management and compliance services to ensure they consistently meet legal requirements. Since these can vary from state-to-state, and country-to-country, these services and the accompanying communication is particularly valuable for companies with dispersed workforces.

4. Customized and comprehensive HR solutions

Each business has specific challenges and goals, which often change throughout the year. With five generations making up the modern workplace, it’s likely a cookie-cutter solution will deter employee participation, engagement, and satisfaction. Therefore, brokers should recommend benefit plans relevant to their clients’ business.

As a boutique PEO, ExtensisHR can tailor services to fit the demands of each client, making a broker’s job easier. Brokers can present personalized solutions, greatly enhancing the possibility of securing new business. In addition to offering a comprehensive suite of HR, benefit, and risk and compliance services, ExtensisHR also utilizes proprietary HR technology to help businesses consolidate workflows, improve cost management, and reduce compliance risk, as well as simplify processes and measure goals.

Gaining the competitive edge with ExtensisHR

Our team focuses on a collaborative approach to ensure brokers and clients get the individualized support they need. Though many PEOs may offer similar services, we are able to set ourselves apart by maintaining: 

Full-service recruiting

Most PEOs offer a la carte recruiting services, such as salary surveys. Whereas, at ExtensisHR, we incorporate complimentary recruiting and retention strategies into every PEO solution. And, because we work closely with clients based on their specific needs, we can offer personalized recommendations and guidance while companies maintain full control over all hiring and firing.

High net promoter score (NPS)

On average, outsourced HR providers earn a net promoter score of 37. ExtensisHR more than doubles the average with a score of 82. This highlights the level of client loyalty and likelihood to recommend services to others, giving brokers more confidence in obtaining and securing long-term client relationships.

Elite PEO certifications

Only 1% of PEOs, including ExtensisHR, hold the trifecta of industry certifications. This includes the IRS Certified PEO (CPEO) designation, ESAC accreditation, and the Certificate Institute (CI) for Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management.

In-house service teams

Our teams are SHRM-certified HR professionals who value reliable communication and connections. With a 95% same-day case resolution rate and dedicated service model, brokers can assure their clients are being well taken care of with a human touch versus receiving generic, automated responses.

For decades, ExtensisHR has supported brokers and businesses in reaching their growth goals through our full-service HR solution. We place an emphasis on constantly improving to always deliver successful results. But it’s the value we place on customer service which keeps our connections strong.

Let us show you how working with a PEO partner can give you the edge over the competition and close new business. Contact ExtensisHR today.

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